Friday, 18 May 2012

Who am I?

I am me. Mother, Daughter, Lover, Writer, Artist, Dreamer.

I like me. She is fun to be around. She has fingers in many pies - sometimes they get burnt (she never learns!) and often sticky, but mostly delicious (that's the pies, not her fingers).

Me is the girl who found the part of her that was missing through blogging and art and has never looked back. Life just wouldn't be the same without paint down her fingernails and a dining table collapsing under the weight of art supplies!

Me is the girl who spends so much time thinking outside the box that she can't remember where the box is anymore. Who needs a box anyway?

Me can't drink more than a couple of glasses of wine without getting extremely tipsy.

Me is the girl who dreamed of running her own eCourse to share her approach to creativity with others. So she went on ahead and did it! It launched this week - it's so exciting!

Me dreams of a house in the country complete with an ENORMOUS art studio. I went from being a Town to a City girl to a Country girl and back to a town girl. I think country girl wins (but not too far from London.... so I can get my fix).

Me isn't very good at walking in high heels but likes to wear them when sitting still.

Me likes to dress like this - but most often can be found in jeans and a flowery top.

Source (it's not actually me in the picture!)

Monsoon dress - my favourite shop

Me is very untidy - my mind is often in chaos, so I can I possibly be expected to put away my shoes or file those papers?

 Me has learnt that being yourself is the route to happiness and that we must have faith in ourselves. Me knows that there's nothing wrong with dreaming so big that your soul grows wings!

Me likes bad jokes and corny word play

Me has actually organised a piss up in a brewery - on more than one occasion!

Me loves being a member of this inspiring online creative tribe that support each other helping all to grow and unfurl their wings.

Me believes in magic and fairies, God and true love.

Me believes that in a former life she may have been turquoise.

Source - me!

This piece of self love (well, you have to do it sometimes!), is for a wonderful blog hop that arty Amy has organised. Find out more about artists and dreamers across the globe in the All together now party where we are all to dress in our best frocks, look in the mirror and like what we see. Leave a comment on this post and I'll enter you into the competition to win the piece of art at the top of the page - the one about whispering hearts.
I created this piece for Inspiration Avenue's Art with Heart weekly challenge.)

This is me

Find me here, there and everywhere:

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  1. Love you Lisa and keep sticking your fingers in those pies cause you will find a very, very tasty one, one day. I will come shopping with you and when you take me out in the city for two glasses of wine I will hide your heels in my bag any time even when we are not All Together Now.

  2. Me likes you! :) You inspire me!

  3. Hahahahaha...humerous!!!! Fantabulous photo of you :D Definitely turquoise *nods head in an understanding manner* :D XXX

  4. Me, who finds you so enjoyable to read, appreciates this look into your life and habits. Me loves your IA challenge piece today.

  5. I'm having a attack of artistic overload; so many beautiful things. Your colors, the tilt of the second girl's neck, the heart on the face of the first... wonderful!

    1. And the brightness in the eyes of the last ;-)

  6. I so love this post! Humorous smiles and all! I get tipsy after 2 glasses as well, which is great to be such a cheap drunk!I think I was banana yellow in a previous life! Thanks for sharing. I so love your whole blog actually!

  7. Sometimes you need the box to carry the art supplies- other than that I have no idea what the box is good for! Congratulations on your eCourse and all your wonderful art!

  8. So love your post! yes, we should all do this!
    Love your art!

  9. Oh, I had such a 'who am I? week! I was just laid off from my job after 7 years and honestly could not remember who I was outside of the context of my job. Please- 'Don't cry for me- Argentina!' this is the best solution to a 7 year problem:) so on to better things- as soon as I figure out who I am! Great post!

  10. I love that shirt you are wearing in that photo. Lovely post and I love the artwork too!

  11. Oh this is just delightful:-)

  12. Your art is just lovely, and you are too. Sounds like you pursue your dreams and don't let any "boxes" get in your way - and it shows!

  13. Lisa! I love your face...your flair....your wordplay....and artistic fearlessness! You are awesome!

    ...but, what is a piss up? It just sounds naughty ;)

  14. Lisa, you're great!
    I started laughing reading your post!

  15. I really enjoyed reading this post Lisa, and seeing all the random, lovely, quirky, fascinating and funny things that make up you!

    PS I'd love to hear more about your brewery events (and maybe get an invite to the next one ha ha!)x

  16. Great post Lisa. You are as lovely as your art and words! xxoo

  17. I love your art, your post and your style :) !!!
    thanks for sharing details about you

  18. My me thinks your me is pretty nifty!
    I love the color choices in your painting... most excellent!

  19. Visiting from IA, me was very happy to come upon your blog & this fun post. Me enjoyed learning a bit about you.

  20. How great is this post, I can read it again and again and the picures are so inspiring (as are your words and wordplay, which I dig too btw) thanks for this post !!!!and for being YOU ! (sure you can brag, you deserve it)

  21. After reading your post, I recognize you as a kindred spirit. Beautiful art, beautiful blog, beautiful person!

  22. ssssh... i am whispering... i see art...
    WOOO great post you talented, feather (wanta be) wearing, stiletto (sitting) babe with a beaming infectos (now I am) smile... I LOVE your post, actually I see a bit of me in you (in an 'I identify with that girl')... especially a dining table used for anything but ;) PLEASE put me in for a chance of winning your gorgeous artwork, promise I won't shout if I win, just whisper... I don't like missing what my heart tells me ;)

  23. Thanks so much for visiting my post - I love that you gave real thought as to why my Queen has a birds nest in her hair! No doubt because of my favorite proverb "You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair"...

    I know I told you earlier, but I since I came back I had to read your post again, and loved it all over again....

  24. Awe . . . . I LOVED this post! You is also so cool!!! Beautiful art, attitude and you!!! Thank you for sharing it all, xoxo!

  25. Oh! And Otter Pop - yes, kind of like a popsicle ;) xoxo

  26. Awesome Lisa. You inspire and amaze.

  27. OMG, you are ME! LOL
    Perhaps my kindred spirit .. I adore your post!
    With all my family, my signature has always been "Me".
    As artists, I think we are all like tiny unique threads all woven together into one big heart!

    Wonderful Heart Art Post!
    Me too!

  28. you are so pretty!

    i think this is the first time i've seen a picture of your pretty face. your facebook picture is small, so it's hard for me to see you there.

    i love your post, and that we get to know you. it was kind of you to do that. Hey, also i LOVE that you are venturing out into your own business and taking all of these big steps.
    This can only lead to big things.

    You are being fearless and free and i love you for it.

    Hey. forgive me for being late to visit and chat and shit, my weekend went to hell.


  29. I will have to look at more of your work! Your story is inspiring. I hope you'll visit IA and participate in next week's challenge. I'll give you a hint-it's definitely for people who don't fit into a standard sized box.

  30. Hello, nice to meet you. I loved reading your article on YOU..You are fantastic and fun..

    Thanks for giving me the chance to come by and meet you here!

  31. I love the person you are! With the wonderful authentic qualities of a true inspirational artist!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful self! I love your photo with fun necklace and colorful dress!!Very pretty lady!!

    Hugs Giggles

  32. You seem pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing and I love the give away!

  33. So sorry I missed your giveaway but I would never miss a chance to say how simply darling you are!


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