Sunday, 27 May 2012

Trying too hard

I was looking for a quote for this sketch when a beautiful song began playing on my iTunes playlist and Will Young sang these words:

Sometimes you don't find the right lines because you're trying too hard to hear them

I had my quote.

Now Paul Weller is telling me I do something to him, something deep inside... Really Paul? Well, I never knew. I'm flattered...

Can you 'read between the lines' on this piece. There's something written using this page as something to press upon and leaving a message. The only words I can make out are 'please can...' It looks like my writing.

I'm lost for words tonight. Think I'll just post this picture for Sunday Sketches and have done with it.


  1. do you think she is you, feeling the weight of this past week?
    I posted for SS and see that it is busy this week...hope you stop have awakened my mind!

  2. she looks very thoughtful (and beautiful!)

  3. I think i would have to see this face in person to see the writing. there is a lovely if not tender feeling in her face.

    this quote can be so true!

  4. Loving your beautiful face with such a fab expression.xx

  5. I love Paul Weller.... we are the same vintage aren't we... I am happy to see one of your wonderful faces and the difficulties of the week are reflected in it... you are a star at creating atmosphere and this one is very cool....sending lots of thoughts and hugs your way....xx

  6. She is in such a serene state....and such a pretty face, too :)

  7. Kismet.
    The universe always tells you what you need...
    your connection of lyrics and faces is magical.


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