Saturday, 12 May 2012

You're gonna need a bigger...

I've been dreaming away the hours on Pinterest. It's easy to lose oneself in the boards of fellow creatives with a soul's yearning much like my own - especially when you're supposed to be doing something else... notably something difficult that requires much thinking (I'm putting the finishing touches to one of my lessons!).

I keep trying to convince myself that if I had a bigger house (with hundreds of cupboards and my own art studio), I would be so much tidier. It is true that half of the problem with the Mess in this house (note capitalisation - it's serious!), is storage - and space for the storage.

However, I have to confess that I'm also not terribly good at putting things away. I like to have everything to hand when I'm working on a project. The only trouble is, that I tend to work on at least a dozen projects at any one time, then that's a lot of 'things' to have around me.

I can barely reach the keyboard to write this. Those that have have had the 'pleasure' of working with me in the past will know that desks, in particular, usually resemble the contents of my jumbled brain after a particularly viscious roller coaster ride.

As I type I am looking at several piles of books (reference and inspiration for my course - these include everything from my Mess Journal to Marketing and Business texts and stuff about fairies; There's an empty box of champagne truffles (bought, consumed, and partly the reason for, my diet!); a laurel leaf in shades of green and brown that looks like it has been polished; various works of art; a baby blanket; notebooks; scraps of paper covered in hastily scribbled notes - there's even a post-it with the number 8280 written on it (no idea what that refers to); a pile of receipts that need to be logged for my accounts; pens; a camera; wireless headphones - big chunky ones and a packet of chia seeds. For once there are no mugs - but there are three on the windowsill, and two glasses (all from today!). There's a half-used packet of cress seeds up there too, a CD and a very tiny cardboard model of a Boeing 747.

I could tidy it up I suppose, but I'm supposed to be writing course content... That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


  1. I can so relate! I keep saying that once I retire from teaching (in a year or two!) we will have have the house free of stuff!
    I am most definitely a piler and a bag lady! lol

  2. Is that YOUR living room? FANTASTIC! That ceiling...and the little curved hide-away...I want to come plaY! I share your sentiments of wanting everything accessible all the time... but now that my children all want the same "stuff-accessible privileges" we are running into trouble. See, my clutter does not bother me.. it is all the OTHER people's clutter that is so bothersome;-)

    1. Oh Minniemie - if only that were my living room. No, I'm afraid it's just on the dreamboard for now. I totally agree about the other people clutter. I think they should be tidy!!

  3. I enjoyed your boards....and seeing a bigger picture of you! Pinterest is certainly an easy place to lose yourself for a while....especially when you don't have the time to be lost ;P

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Lisa. I want that house too. What a glorious cozy space and so rich in textures. That looks like a room I would never want to leave. Love the cozy little nook tucked away in the corner. Yummy!


  5. Creative People are seldom time and neither are our homes. They are clean - but just a little messy and that's just the way I like things,



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