Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I'm a bit lonely this evening so am reaching out to my friends in blogland for a natter. Perhaps it just seems a bit quiet after all the excitement of my launch party last night - I didn't get to bed until 4am, I was too busy partying the night away with 'A List' friends and celebrities (all those hunks just wouldn't go home)! Today the sequins are safely behind doors, I'm back in jeans and t-shirt and wearing not one but two pairs of socks. December arrived with a snap this morning bringing a nippy little frost with it. Sitting working at my desk all day I discovered a mysterious draught wafting around my tootsies and now I'm a skint freelancer I'm too tight to put the central heating on until icicles form on the end of my nose. Plus I've discovered that Jimmy Choos* are actually only meant to be dangled on the end of your fingers by the skinny strap whilst ensuring everyone see the label, rather than actually walked in...

You may have spotted the word 'working' above. It seems as good a time as any to share some thoughts on my first few weeks as a freelancer. I'm rather enjoying it. OK, so I do get a bit lonely at times and have been talking to myself more than is usual, but I like this lifestyle. Something occurred to me today - as we went through another iteration of the same presentation because someone else wanted to add and change bits... I wasn't the slightest bit stressed about it. Now I just do what I'm told. I pull things together, jazz them up, add a bit of flair just as I always did, but somehow because I'm not actively involved it realeases a bit of the pressure. I can just get on with what I enjoy without worrying about sign off and internal politics. This is an entirely unexpected bonus.

Of course, now I've put thought to paper, no doubt I'll be tearing my hair out with stress this time tomorrow...
With the beginning of Advent today I am determined to be better organised this year and am busy making LISTS. My son is with his Dad on Christmas Day which I find tough but I had a special word with Father Christmas and he said he could pop round early to our house for an extra Christmas so that's OK.
Much excitement this morning as we got to open door number 1. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Advent calendars. I prefer my doors to be on a nativity scene and open to reveal pretty pictures rather than confectionary. So, son got Mummy's choice, but Mummy's not daft. Oh no... Mummy thoughtfully bought a nice bag of choccies so he gets his sugar fix as well as the star shining over the stable.
To banish a little more commercialism, take a look at the link to the advent calendar in my sidebar. Daily reflections with quite an environmental theme urging us to slow down and consider our lifestyle. Today's message suggests that taking more time allows us to take in more around us.
I'm feeling a creative urge... Until next time readers...
*For the record, I don't actually own any of Jimmy's creations, but if anyone's offering...

PS Why does blogger sometimes repeatedly take out my carriage returns???


  1. Hope you're a little less alone now. Despite myself I have also got caught up in the frenzy, so slowing down for advent is definitely good advice.

  2. Starting a new life is not easy and it will take time to get used to it. I'm sure you're ... cold weather also doesn't help. I always feel a bit miserable in winter. Anyway, you're doing just fine! :)

  3. awwww.... there's always us :) it must be a real confusing time for you. not sleeping and waking up at the "correct" time, not doing stuff that you're used to and not talking to ppl that you're used to. but you know what, with change comes hope. staying at one spot too long ... hmm... it's just routine, nothing exciting to hope for. well, at least i feel that way. :))

  4. Just roll with it, darling. Don't let it stress you or you will start second guessing yourself. Just enjoy the ride. Good things are coming your way.

    Happy hugs your way (no kisses. I still have a cold.)

  5. Oh dear, I seem to have given the wrong impression with that post. I'm fine my friends. Happy as Larry! I think I just wanted to go to a party last night!

  6. Interesting observation about freelancing and letting go. I get to the same point at work sometimes when the changes to documents get ridiculously minor - the annual report and accounts is great example - I just switch onto 'line of least resistance' mode and, within reason, do what is asked.

    What sort of stuff do you write / freelance I wonder? Do you corporate brochures, reports, that sort of stuff? Email me direct via link on my blog if you like.

  7. Your posts are always so insightful and delightful no matter what you're sharing! I'm happy to hear your discovering new attributes related to your new work like and although it can be a bit lonely at times, you do have the option of playing music just as loud as you and the neighbors can stand it. Just a thought. ;-)

    I'm with you on the advent calenders too, we stick to traditions here.♥

  8. I began freelancing when my son was 5 years old (14 years ago, yikes). It was quite a switch from going to the office every day, and I talked a lot to cats and kids! But I wouldn't trade it for the world! Welcome to being your own boss (well, kind of ~ I guess the client is actually the boss lol).

  9. Lonely you on the phone to much to get lonely ..ask me I know :P


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