Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Beware the bindweed

"Beware my lord of Bindweed, the green leaved monster that doth mock the meat it feedeth upon..."
Will Shakespeare (if he'd been a gardener as well as a playwright)

Every Spring I do battle. Armed with fork and trowel I dig in and attack, ripping through the advancing roots, weakening defences, flanking, chopping... Every year I make small advances but never win the war. Every time the bindweed just keeps on growing spreading its evil roots underground, sprouting from the tiniest of shoots, mocking me, laughing at my pathetic attempts to keep it at bay.

Last Summer I made a grave error. I gave up. I let it win and it twined its way through my roses, it choked, blanketed and clogged my shrubbery. It took over.

Now I've had to dig out the entire flower bed, wrenching my poor plants out and teasing the bindweed snakes from their roots before carefully replanting and hoping they survive the trauma. It has not been a pleasant experience and my muscles are protesting sorely.

Reminds me of how we deal with our troubles and anxieties. It's hard work keeping them under control, but necessary. For if we neglect what goes on underneath, the nasty roots like depression or resentment will spread and strangle your joy.

Beware the bindweed. Keep fighting!

Not my usual cheerful sort of post I admit, just a train of thought...  Rest assured I haven't been neglecting my emotional roots. All is well in the Wright camp!


  1. A powerful comparison of the battles that take place in our hearts, heads and lives!

    Keep fighting! Yes!

  2. You couldn't be more accurate about your thoughts. Beware the bindweed that plays havoc with your soul.

  3. I'll see your bindweed and raise you some mares tail!

    Interesting post, and I guess a lesson for us all to learn.

  4. At our house it's the neighbours ivy we do battle with.

  5. We have a similar weed and yes, it's a constant battle to keep up with! I enjoyed your analogy about bindweed and emotions; beautifully said!

  6. That darned bindweed; can't believe Shakespeare wrote about it. It will be here forever, like death and taxes.


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