Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cress rhymes with ...


Yes those are cress seeds growing out of the fold of a book. It's an experiment I invented for the Messy Book Group. After all, if you're going to Mess up a book, you might as well truly throw your heart, soul and cress seeds into it!

Yes, I am a bit crazy. If they grow properly I may even eat them - very nice in an egg sandwich.

Here's more detail from the page they are growing on in the Messy Journal.

We were told to alter a somewhat dull image of a group of Victorian-looking gents gathering for a meeting of what was probably the Society for Facial Hair in Medieval Literature or some other improbable subject. I decided their hats needed a little enlightenment, but as I was sketching I was astonished to discover that Cedric was hatless! What scandal!

So  I wrote a little caption:

Cedric cursed when he realised he'd forgotten his Lily hat for the annual photo of the Lily-Livered Society. He did at least remember his clown nose and eye patch!

At least now that the seeds have sprouted I can go back to messing up some other pages and investigating what effect all that regular moistening has done. There's some interesting bleed coming through from the next page...

Bet you wished you'd joined the Messy Book Group now eh? Stay tuned for next week when I'll be lending the book to the lions at Whipsnade Zoo...

Alien cress - played with in PhotoShop - taking the mess a stage further...


  1. Who would have thought you could grow seeds from a book? You learn something every day. :)

  2. Is that a photo of your cress seeds that are growing in the book binding? Awesome! I love what you've done in looks like you've spent hours on it.

    Love your Lily-Livered Society too lol!

    I bought the Manual of Accidents and Mistakes. The concept is very enticing. But I have to confess I only got as far as thinking maybe I could do some of the exercises on sheets of paper. I hate the idea of messing up a book!! I know, I need to lose that idea...

  3. You are taking this to a whole new level!! Art, gardening....and a snack...all in one!

    You are crazy!!
    But that is what we love about you!

  4. Ha ha you mad women, no sun here but you have made the day look so much brighter. I am going to do some messing today do you think sun flower seeds will do the same thing?

  5. You always have the most clever ideas- love it AND the clown noses!

  6. Sounds like you are having a blast! Very freeing and that is what sparks creativity isn't it!

    This is a fun page - made me smile.

    Hugs and smiles back

  7. IT IS SPRING there are sprouts everywhere ;) looks great how you have change the page :)))


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