Friday, 6 April 2012

The Messy Book Group

I'm so excited. My first online book group is about to start!!

So far there are 15 of us rolling up our sleeves and getting messy with Keri Smith's Manual of Accidents & Mistakes. I'd love it if you joined in - all the details on my Book Group Blog.

Week 1 is just really finding our feet and starting to loosen up. I'm only going to share one page with you this week but I think it truly epitomises what the book is about....

... namely having fun and, quite literally, thinking outside of the box.The instruction for this page was to use all the colours you have on hand. Well, I thought I'd take that literally! I just love the way the acrylics knit together.

I looked up Sol Lewitt. He's a new artist to me - one of those painting stripes kind of guys. The sort that begs the question "But is it art?" Of course it is!

I let him inspire me to seek pattern and colour in the messy hand print, to really drill down and simplify.

As a first exercise it was fun. I'm inspired to pursue the fingerprint lines some more... Watch this space...


  1. Hi Lisa!!! great to be back and catch up with you....having a few bad weeks in the technical department....

    this sounds like a blast!!!!

    wishing you all the best for a Blessed Easter!!!

  2. I have been working through this book for some time now - on and off - and love the looseness it gives my art - to just 'do' something without thinking much about it. It is such fun. Enjoy!!!

  3. This is squee worthy! Enjoy yourself!

  4. I found your blog through Sunday Sketches. Your art is wonderful. So cool!
    Happy Weekend,

  5. Looking forward to playing in this book.

  6. So excited for you and to see what happens through this book play :)

    Love the handprint....really diving in and getting your hands dirty ;P

  7. Love that colourful handprint! Great start to this messy journey!

  8. I love Sol De Witt and used to use him a lot back when I was teaching... kids really react to him in a fun way... these pages look so bright and fresh and dare I say it... clean... love them...xx


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