Monday, 16 April 2012

What is behind the door?

Click on it (go on, I dare you) and see where it takes you... (it's a bit of fun... don't worry there won't be any monsters waiting to bite your bottom.... unless you want them to of course!)

Ooh did you hear those hinges creak? And what's that shadowy figure disappearing into the gloom? Can you hear someone playing the piano? Oh hello...


  1. Yes, I can hear it creak.....ohhh....mystery!!

  2. this is sooooo cool!!!!!

  3. Ooooh..I love that door. I can just imagine the story that will unfold as you enter. You are such a tease Lisa~

  4. Couldn't resist going through the door! Glad it wasn't something scary but another portal to adventure instead! Yes indeed we have to be brave! Timidity won't lead to interesting things! Patsy from


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