Monday, 9 April 2012

Up above the streets and houses...

If you're British and of a certain age (that probably means over 35), I defy you not to continue the lyrics in the title and sigh fondly at memories of men in Bungle suits and loud-mouthed puppets with zips for mouths. Ahh... those days of harmless childhood entertainment. Interestingly, if you pop onto YouTube for a trip down Nostalgia Avenue, you might find a few episodes that you don't recall seeing on TV... Watch with caution it may shatter your illusions forever!

Anyway enough nonsensical rambling; I have a global readership to take of who have absolutely no interest in learning that you can buy a George fancy dress costume on eBay for £49.99...

Let's move my writing onto the more serious matter of why there is a lady with rainbow-coloured hair sitting at the top of this post.

Well, this lady up top is Ellie. She had a mix up at the hairdressers when, during a freak storm, a rainbow shot down the drainpipe, entered the salon water system and turned her hair all the colours of ... well the rainbow.

Personally I think it suits her and, as they say, worse things have happened at sea. Not sure what her Mum will say when she gets home though... especially as poor Ellie has now become rainbow obsessed and felt compelled to paint Jessica using the water squeezed from her towel.

Both of these ladies are posted for the Butterfly Effect's rainbow challenge.

I'm in a strange mood this evening. I may have over-dosed on episodes of the Vampire Diaries (and the wine probably doesn't help either). Last night I dreamt mean and nasty Klaus was after me and then I couldn't understand why I dreamt about a boy I went to school with who I haven't seen in over 30 years... until I thought about his surname... Gilbert.... cue spooky Vampire music.... I do love the ridiculous plots though - it's almost on a par with the Apprentice for encouraging pointless shouting at people inside the television screen. I really should watch something more sensible - like Britain's Got Talent.

Anyway, it never being a good idea to write a blog post when slightly inebriated and with a day's work ahead of me come sunrise, I must away to my bed. Perhaps tonight I will dream where the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow might be hidden...


  1. I love watching Vampire Diaries.:) But it gets so frustrating when Elena fucks everything up all the time! Don't you think? :))

    Did you know that people you dream about are people you've actually seen at some point in your life even though you think of them as strangers? It's true! :)I love how human mind works. :) And I love your rainbow ladies! Ellie does look kind of sad because of the hair. :)

  2. Gorgeous work! Love the colors and the way they wash over each other!

  3. beautiful, especially the second one ♥ (your latest follower)

  4. Gorgeous work! LOVE the rainbow colors. OOh, the Vampire Diairies: my secret obsession. WHY can't they kill that nasty Klaus! If I were to pick one of the vamps to haunt my dreams it would be Damon! ;)

  5. not only do i love Ellie, i also love Ellie and Jessica's story! :)
    thnk u for d nice words at my blog too. :)

  6. Your art is very magical and dreamy. Wonderful and gorgeous art work.

  7. Beautiful bright ladies.... It is easy to become rainbow obsessed!

  8. Rainbows are big in our house these days...Hmmmm...Maybe it's in the air! Lovely both of these - I especially like the expression on the first gal - Wine and long days suit you! Great art!

    Smiles and hope the new venture is going really well - well all the new ventures LOL - You are so busy!


  9. Hahaha...classic post Lisa :D I carried on singing Lol, and being a VD freak(love calling it that lol) I can't help wondering why I always get hungry for kebab when I think of Vampires?
    Gorgeous ladies :D XXX

  10. I love this post. I would be one of those ladies of a certain age and yes, I did finish singing the theme tune! I've seen those episodes - innuendos all over the place!! Funny how we pick up on those things that our innocent childish ears wouldn't have!

    I love your rainbow ladies. Rainbow hair is pretty de rigeur these days (obviously for folk younger than us!) I've never watched the vampire diaries - I get my fangy fix from True Blood!

  11. I love the rainbow hair. Like something in a fairy tale. So happy.

  12. Love your rainbow ladies! The first one is my fav...she just grabbed my heart :0)

  13. loooove the first painting so much with her rainbowy hair :)


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