Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's OK to be messy

Week 2 of the messy book group (never to late to join in!!) and I'm trying to remind myself that it's OK to be messy - in fact, that is indeed the point of the exercise! So, it being Friday night and all, I decided to get smashed.

Don't tell my son, but I 'borrowed' a couple of his crayons and hit them hard with a hammer until they pulverised all over this page. But that wasn't really messy enough (unless you count the bits that flew off and embedded themselves in the carpet). Next up I headed to the kitchen and my art iron...

(As an aside, I would not recommend using your normal iron to melt wax with. I made that mistake before so have now purchased a £5 iron from Tesco which I use exclusively for this purpose!)

While I was waiting for the appliance to heat I turned my back just long enough for the boyfriend to come wandering in to the kitchen and move my messy journal scattering bits of crayon across the kitchen floor. More accidental mess.... it's getting good...

I melted neat, I melted through paper, I melted over greaseproof sheet. I burnt my hand and got bits of wax stuck down my fingernails.

Then, I turned to the glue page - nice and sticky. This one took a while as I had to wait for the glue drips to dry before I rubbed them with alcohol ink.

Then, I couldn't quite resist getting all arty... I took some macro photos but darn it the flash went off...

Hold on... if this isn't an accidental discovery, then I don't know what is... They have a certain appeal don't you think - accidental art.

I think there's a creature in this one...


A real close up. I like this - follows the rule of thirds compositionally. A piece of art made from mess. Good work. Next week I might use food.... Eeek!


  1. I so enjoyed the whole process, and the final piece...perfect.

  2. I am sorry Lisa but that is too nice a mess! I have started too, yippee.

  3. Love your discoveries and your obvious joy in the process!

  4. hi, Lisa, i enjoyed this messy post and i think it would be a lot of fun to try! i popped back here to remind you that if you want an extra follower entry for my giveaway, you need to make a separate comment here

  5. Wow... this looks so interesting! I love getting messy when it involves art and discovering new things!

  6. You are now my hero that you have an art iron... I love this page and now I am raring to get stuck into it... how can it be messy and so beautifully coloured all in one.. awesome stuff...xx

  7. Looks like you're having a blast!! Life as art, eh?!

  8. I like how you work!!! My surroundings got messed up too....whew

  9. Inspirational, Lisa. I was so careful with my wax shavings that I got a nice neat little Rorshach (? spelling) test picture. Thinks: MUST stop being careful in future.


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