Saturday, 18 July 2009

Don't stop me now...

I'm having such a good time... I'm having a ball.

Yes, after I promised myself an early night I could not resist walking past 'sticky corner' and just squeezing a little acrylic out and sploshing a bit on this obliging model doing an arty black & white swimsuit shot in Vogue. "Look at me, I'm a mermaid" she seemed to be shouting. Well, my dear now you are!

She's still work in progress - waiting for the paint to dry a bit before she gets mauled with some oil pastels and has her face made up, so thought I would blog for a while and share her unfinished state.

I have also signed up on a whim for another online group/class. A fantasy folded book no less! It keeps to the wrecking theme only this time we get to (artistically) destroy a real book! Woo! Can't wait. For me though it has to be the right book. There's a couple of old bookshops near work, no doubt run by old men in tweed and knitted tank tops, which I may have to go and have a rummage around.

We shall be 'altering' the book - which means, I think, folding; cutting; inserting; collaging and finding a home for all those interesting pictures and ephemera I have been collecting - most notably a growing pile of magazines.

Whilst browsing a market with the boyfriend the other day I discovered a purveyor of glossies 'past their sell by date' at a fraction of the cost - 3 for £2! Week 1 I bought 3. Week 2, when I dragged the poor fella all the way back again, I bought 6. Surprisingly heavy to carry around the shops in a cheap plastic bag that tries to slice through your fingers. (Thanks for being a packhorse sweetheart! xx)

Actually I think Missy Mermaid will have to wait for her make up until tomorrow. I have to be up early for a car boot sale and my eyelids are a touch heavy.... Night all


  1. My question to you is: just what else is on your creative to-do-list? I'm having a major headache just by following your progress!

    But, good on you and well done, my fellow creative and fellow writer! ;)

  2. There is soooo much on my creative to-do-list but not enough hours in the day. Working in a boring place has to have its balance and so I let loose with paints and words and bits of this and that in the evening. It keeps me happy anyway :) I just don't know why I didn't do it years ago!


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