Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Miss Writer

It's late, I haven't blogged for a few days and I'm getting kind of antsy. I want to write! I want to do lots of things but unfortunately there aren't enough hours in the day. I did do a spot of writing today, work stuff. I managed to get away with writing complete fiction though. Don't worry, no fairies or mystical worlds (which is rather a shame), I just mocked up some sample content for a newsletter I'm working on and crafted some interesting stories in a style which breaks from their usual tradition of 'bore the reader senseless'. I'm working on them, it's taking longer than I would have hoped but I will get there.
I have this real niggle at the back of my subconscious. It's my book. I still haven't done anything. However, what's interesting is the avoidance techniques I have been using. Rather than busy myself cleaning the house (I mean... come on...!), or watching TV; I have instead been doing the creative thing which is a hugely positive step. And I am loving it! Writing the blog is great practice, many of my 'creations' have a fantasy element to them. I guess you could scrape the barrel a little and call it 'research'. Having great fun with the new camera too - look what I spotted hiding behind the foliage and fairy dust in the garden...


  1. Getting down to it must have something to do with all that wrecking you've been doing. You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel if you opt to clean the house! We live with two very hairy dogs (I often say I come from the house of hair)and not vacuuming is not always an option, but I've got it down to a fine and quick art!

  2. Avoidance Technique ... I got heaps! How about this? Must take up bikini wax for my dog! He's way too hairy!! :) AND must watch all the episodes of Dr Who (David Tennant) to re-learn the Time Travel concept. AND I'm about to pick up the DVD of "True Blood" to update my vampire-ology. See, I'm sooooo busy that I just don't have time to do my writings! :)

  3. Sometimes the only creative thing I can do is post on my blog or walk around my property taking pictures, but it keeps me in the loop.
    Keep on truckin :)


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