Sunday, 12 July 2009

Everyone's a winner

Well, look at me. I am the proud owner of a Watermelon blogging award for my perseverance in the pursuit of my art and blogging. Thank You Hybrid J for bestowing this accolade on little old me! I must say, I'm nearly 100 posts in after 4 months which is exhibiting some pretty good staying power. I never thought I'd find so much to write about, nor did I expect to find so many other like-minded cool chicas out there. (Chica is my word of the week - a little expression I picked up from a fellow blogger across the pond!).

But do you know what? It's actually been far easier than I thought, mainly because it's just so enjoyable sitting in front of the PC of an evening and just letting the words escape from my fingertips. Back in January, I made myself a promise that I would write something (nearly) every day to gain that sense of personal satisfaction that comes from just creating. And look what it has led to... Creativity is bursting forth out of the cupboards it has been hidden in, art supplies are finally seeing the light of day, inspiration is my food and sustenance (along with chocolate, naturally). Despite the fact that the novel has made zero progress, I am pleased with what I have achieved with my other endeavours. The novel will come. If I've learnt anything from my journal wrecking experience, it's not to be too precious about it. I'll just write from the heart - something I'll enjoying doing. It doesn't have to be Pullitzer Prize winning. It just has to be mine.

So thank you Hybrid J for bestowing this award on me and providing inspiration for yet another blog post. And thanks go to a few other 'cool chicas' whose blogging has the power to light the creative spirit in us all.

I would therefore like to pass the melon along (careful, it's heavy!) to:

And apologies to anyone I missed. Hence the title of the post!


  1. Aw! Thank you! I shall get some pics of the jar but the old camera is no good at close ups and I can't scan it like I would my journal. My lovely chap has run off with the new one and doesn't seem to want to let me play (he has only had it a couple of days). He has been at work most of the weekend but I am all set up to pounce on that camera as soon as he returns home....

  2. My first blog award!Thankyou for my melon!! :)

  3. Oh what fun, I am honored to receive the award. I'd love a piece of that watermelon right now as its really hot here. Anyways its great getting to know you and thanks again for the award.


  4. I'm glad that the award gave you another idea for a great post. As usual, you're fantastic! ;)

    Similar situation like yours - I started my blog pretty much the same time I started STOS (my current writing project). At the start I worried if blogging would get into the way of my writing. It did and it didnt at times. But overall, blogging help my writing as well. So my fellow writer, soldier on. And as you wrote above, your novel will come. I promise you!!!

  5. LOL!!! I am laughing so hard that you called me the "Chica Lady"--that in itself is reason to start a brand new blog--just to call it "The Chica Lady"!! I love it!!

    Congratulations to you--and your blogging stamina!! That is awesome!!

    And thanks a million and one juicy chicas for passing this melon of an award on to moi!! What a perfect treat for summer!

    Peace & Love.

  6. Thank you very much! what an honour!


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