Friday, 10 July 2009

Take off

So, Jamie asks us if we slowed down a bit. Well yes... and no! Less wrecking has been done in the last few weeks but it's inspired me to be more creative and outside of my journal I have been making all sorts of little goodies and, most importantly, not being afraid to be creative and, dare I say it, DESTRUCTIVE!

I should perhaps explain the boring event page in the vlog - it was a meeting at work that was so dull I found myself in that awful situation where your eyelids appear to be having a science experiment with gravity and no matter how much you fidget and pinch yourself, nothing is going to stop them closing. Sleep wants you and it wants you NOW! Eventually you give in and nod off - probably just for a second - but always to wake up with a slight start and the question: "Did anybody notice?" written across your distraught forehead! Well, dear readers. Let's just say that this particular meeting was so boring that I probably wasn't the only one. I observed quite a number of colleagues exhibiting the symptoms listed above. When I looked back at my copious notes later (all five lines of them), and saw documented by strange scribble the actual point at which sleep took me, then I knew I had my boring event just waiting to be documented.

The page I was vainly searching for was actually hiding just behind my copious four letter words - stick the magazine page in and circle letters. I've been spending most of my creative time this week gesso-ing up magazines and pulling creations from the pages so I couldn't resist a little play with this page, though to be quite frank, painting cobblestones is not half as entertaining as catching a mermaid!

The article is from Conde Nast; the place L'Ile de Re - a beautiful island just off the west coast of France near La Rochelle. I visited for the day many years ago when I was staying with my friend Janet who lived in La Rochelle at the time. She now lives in Australia - she's very well travelled is our Janet.

Circled words include: France, sea, beaches, elegantly weathered, creamy, loveliest, rustle, glass, wine and rose-tinted! The strange marks on the text are from my wreckers' method of folding the page so it fits inside the journal and believe me, it's harder than folding a map to get it back in exactly again!

Paper airplanes are great fun - and naturally more fun when you embellish them a bit. I thought actually that this might make a great swap page as Carolyn (Beautiful Ripple Effect), my swap partner, is the 'other side of the pond' and my page will require airborne assistance to reach her. My son has been making them all week too, though I had to explain that a sheet of A4 folded in half was not quite aerodynamic enough to glide through the air in the manner in which he hoped. A short lesson in avionics later and paper plane mark II went all of 2 yards!

Right I'm off to see what all you other wreckers have been up to...


  1. Take me back! I had a friend in college who used to fold pages like you do to tuck into volumes and for a while I copied her ingenuity.

    Thanks for the memory.

  2. This was adorable! I hesitated to watch another vlog ... but I am SOOO glad I did! Hilarious with the passengers, the in-flight entertainment, and your little giggles as you looked thru your book to see what you'd done.

    Love the 4 letter word page too. It's all very clever!

  3. Love the inflight movie. Especially the time passing page and the boring document.
    zzzzzz. Cute!

  4. Cats on the runway - cats on the runway!! Next time my flight is delayed I'll know why.

    Notes from the meeting where you nodded off -HILARIOUS!!!

  5. That was great ! I love the kitty in the way of your wonderful air plane. Happy wrecking see ya next week.

  6. Oh, you're so good at the inflight entertainment ... !!! :)

  7. Loved your wrecking.
    Your vlog was delightful - especially kitty on the runway. I will never think of making paper airplanes without thinking of yours!
    Great stuff!

  8. Great wrecking! I can't wait to make my paper airplane!

  9. I know now where to get a job for my cats.. runway clearers

    YOU ARE so much FUN!!

  10. Fantastic wreckage. I love your embellished plane and the ingenious way you documented passing time :)

  11. You make a great pilot voice! What fun. I love all of the people you got to ride in your Virgin plane - awesome.


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