Friday, 17 July 2009

A summer shower

Well, would you believe it? As if I haven't suffered enough indignities being thrown out of windows and dragged along streets; suddenly she decides I need a wash. Well, sweetheart I've got news for you - of course I need a wash. I've got cake crumbs stuck in my spine, bits of picnic smeared all over pages and a whole host of unmentionable stains. I don't smell too fresh either (Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce may taste good but it gets a touch whiffy after a week or so!). I have to admit dear readers that at first I panicked - did you see what happened to the page she put in the washing machine? Well, let's just say there was actually nothing left to see.... You sense my nerves?

Thankfully, I needn't have worried. As soon as I saw the Moulton Brown I knew things would be OK. And such a fluffy towel! But what about my frills? Would they go limp in the water and steam? Once again, my ever care was tended to - apparently she always knew that free shower cap from the hotel would come in useful one day...
Cheating? Who dear? Me dear? No dear?


  1. It not cheating to OUTWIT the rules, my dear! You and your mom are just too smart for Keri Smith!

    You look so sexy in your towel and shower cap!

  2. Excellent pic chickie!!
    I have yet to shower with mine.
    You're braver than I am.

  3. LaWendula journal @ wrightstuff journal: Oh, how I envy you! The towel and everything! I was in the rain barrel only. And after that I hung on the clothline which is not exactely the place one wants to be. Hmpf.
    Lucky you!
    Have a nice dry!

  4. is that a shower cap on your journal!!??

  5. Gee - you are so lucky Lisa's journal. I got propped up too but no towel, no shower cap!!!. How did you rate?
    Well - Iguess I better not complain - she hasn't thrown me yet! Or dragged me. PSSST DON'T Tell her about what happened to you!
    A friend.

  6. Now that's thinking!!!!
    Good shower scene!

  7. You look Fab dear journal! It's great you got some pampering after the ordeals you have been through! :)

  8. I love the shower gear on your journal! Great wrecking!

  9. I think a mani/pedi must be next. Great photo!!

  10. That's some thoughtfull showering. :)

  11. And why not just take a shower with the shower cap? Great story and picture!

  12. Love hearing the journal's perspective! Great photo!


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