Friday, 31 July 2009

The Wrecking Ball

Well, did we have a ball or what? I certainly did. It's been so much fun!

If you can bear to sit though it, the vlog does a whistle stop of the journal. You'll spot a couple of pages still waiting for a bit of the Lisa treatment but on the whole it is a complete wrecking experience. Even if some were a bit of a last minute rush!Making the vlog was funny. I gave up in the end. I either didn't turn the pages fast enough and the music ran out or was way too fast. So you get the music just ending suddenly - all part of the wrecking!! It all adds to the experience. I think some time soon I might invest in some video software so I can make a proper film.

Well, that's it then. Wrecked. Each week I've posted and talked a little about my journey so I don't want to repeat myself. Perhaps just a little recap on lessons learnt and the joy of the experience.

1. It's been great wrecking with my son, boyfriend and total strangers! I certainly didn't expect them to throw themselves in so whole-heartedly. My son, being a five year old boy, naturally loved anything involving getting messy!
2. I've made some great new friends and found some inspirational new blogs to read, groups to join, courses to attempt and a whole new creative outlet. I've loved seeing what you've all been doing and being able to travel this whole journey with you. Thank you for sharing and for taking the trouble to comment on my posts.
3. I've learned not to be too precious about my work - to be free and not worry about the end result too much. I've learned to let go and fly with the faeries (well, maybe I already did a bit of that flying stuff...)
4. I've mastered a few new interesting artistic techniques and been inspired to learn more.
5. I've finally had the guts to actually use all those art supplies and bits of ephemera I was keeping for that 'special project'. THIS IS THE SPECIAL PROJECT!
6. I learnt the word 'chica' and discovered that I am probably one! Am I? Do I qualify?
7. I have spent way too much money on more art supplies!
8. I have created a very messy house which has stayed that way for the past two months - and now I am hooked on creation is likely to stay that way forever (except when I'm expecting a visit from my Mother)! What fun!
9. It has proved rather a distraction. Both as itself and sometimes far away from wrecking and into the newly discovered land of art journaling, layering and developing on my long-neglected collage.
10. It keeps me sane and saves me from my boring 9-5 world of terrestial broadcasting.

And what will happen to my journal now? I wrote last week that it was sharing with the Group that kept me at it. Will I finish off those last remaining pages? Will I add a little, dabble some more with those already done? Will I throw it out? Well, no chance of me losing this little baby to the dustcart. I want to keep her to remind me of the journey and yes, I'll probably pick her up every now and again - especially when looking for inspiration. I may find some interesting object on the street that's just crying out to join the random things page. I may eventually smear proper dinner in it and not just the half hearted attempt. I may even take it in the shower without the shower cap!

A huge thank you to Jamie and the rest of the crew - I couldn't have done it without you! And, I guess it's not really goodbye - merely adieu until the next time.
Finally, before I go post this and check out all your blogs, my list of more ways to Wreck This Journal:

1. Leave it on the shelf untouched - what a wrecked opportunity!
2. Send it into space.
3. Wet it, then freeze it.
4. Smear with catnip and let the moggies do the rest.
5. Put it under a sofa cushion for a few days.
6. Cover with jam and see how many wasps you catch.
7. Dance salsa on it.
8. Pour bleach on it.
9. Leave it at a lost property office for 24 hours.
10. Drive over it.
11. Fix wheels to it and use it as a skateboard.
12. Eat your dinner off it.
Until next time mes amies... Keep in touch!


  1. What a tough wrecker you are- what suggestions! I really had to laugh. (Leaving it untouched on the shelf would be the hardest!)

  2. My son's personal favourite is suggestion 2 - send it into space! Now I just have to try and do it!

  3. You are right...about your comment on my blog..what are the kids going to wreck now?? my son started his own homemade little wreck this journal so hopefully he will remember that!
    love your world globe drawing on the last page :)

  4. Congratulations. Mission complete. I love all your creative wreckage. The kitty is adorable.

  5. LOVE your work!! YOU had the same idea I got a few weeks ago (but have not yet done in my journal) about using hair to make an animal like a pet cat or dog...etc. GREAT creativity!!

  6. Wonderful great wrecking! Loved you flipping through the pages. Wow! Did you really do each and every page!?

  7. Your book is just so beautiful! Fantastic wrecking!

  8. whoah!! show me that fancy page fold again!! Love the feathers, the lil black creature and the hearts page..
    it's been great getting to know you

  9. Altho you have to double check with the expert Connie, I believe you are indeed a mega-chica ;)

    Your hair monster is great ... even a tad scary!

  10. Oh I LOVED that - I was rooting for you to finish with the music. ive always been partial to queen...

    the wreck is GLORIOUS. seriously beautiful - i will have to go back over all the posts and relish it anew.

    as to my headline you mentioned in your comment - it was one of this week's on the front page of the paper i work for - the NY Daily News actually, and irresistible.

    Hope to see you in the next iteration of this 'club' although i think nothing could match this.

    now i'm going to watch again. and then again.

    i think you should post it on youtube with tags for both wreck this journal and Queen - an interesting cultural intersection...

  11. WOW!!! Great wreckage and great list of more ways to wreck it. Escept I don't know about putting jam on it and waiting for wasps....
    This has been so much fun! Hope to see you at tnc in Sept.

  12. Brilliant - you did it all!! I'm so impressed. And you did some serious, full on wrecking that just happens to be gorgeous as well.

  13. Big appaluse - mission completed! And we can all see that this wrecking expereince has its ripple effect on us. Thank you to all the wonderful wreck art. YOU'RE A WRECK STAR!

  14. Great wrecking, I'd love to know how you send it in space too. You could drop it from a hot air balloon, but maybe when its not too high so you could find it. Oh I loved the rhubarb page too. Makes me want to make some cobbler.

    It was so fun to hear your voice and share the call with you yesterday. So much fun.


  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Typing too fast...

    Brilliant wreckage! Thanks for sharing the journey.

  17. That hair bear is a bit scary. :) Great list of future wrecking.

  18. I watched your vlog, but I didn't my sound on, so it worked great for me! I loved seeing every page. Thank you!

    It's been a real pleasure to meet you through this.

    Kristin - The Goat


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