Thursday, 30 July 2009

A would be what?

105 posts in and time for a spot of reflection. I should have done this five posts ago but the moment passed without me realising and then there was always something else to write about!

When I set this up one chilly night in February I sub-titled it musings of a would-be writer. I truly didn't expect that I would find quite so much to write about or what a creative journey I would be embarking upon. Finding all these other lovely blog people has been a real inspiration. I love bouncing from one site to another following the link love!

Well, am I a would-be writer? Some very nice people have pointed out that I am in fact already a writer which was a lovely thing to say. After 100 posts I guess I feel like a writer too. The novel may still be residing cosily in my head in a chilled out pose, but I've achieved a new year resolution: I write (nearly) every day and above all I enjoy it. I love writing! There, I've admitted it now!

I would like to consider myself a would-be artist. You never know, I might sell something one day :)

Much as it pains me to admit I am also well on the way to becoming a would-be expert in broadcasting and transmission and satellites and stuff. Though fear not, the very fact that I had to write "and stuff" shows just how far away this currently is. This week my six month work contract was extended to permanent. They want to keep me which is jolly nice of them and they seem pleased with what I've done so far. Half of me wants to say "more fool them" or possibly "more fool me for saying yes" but I guess I must have done an alright job here and there. It feels a bit like I'm only firing on minimal cylinders though. I've still not really clicked at all with the subject or the culture of the business. It's such a dichotomy to my real passions - my writing and creating, disappearing into a land of fantasy inhabited by elves and fairies or getting up to my elbows in scraps of paper and acryllics. It sure is a different world at work. Today, for example, I discovered that Jack Field and Anna Morphic are not actually employees of the company but in fact engineering terms.

And on that ridiculous joke, I will leave this rambling for this evening as I have to finish wrecking my journal in time for tomorrow's end of term celebration party! Night folks!


  1. I so understand how you feel here.... Blogging has made me feel like a writer and opened so many doors inside me. May it continue to open doors for all who would like to walk through!

  2. I soooo love this post of yours. As much as you reminded me that I'm a writer by writing. You are also a writer by writing. So don't say that you "feel" like you're a writer. YOU ARE A WRITER! That simple! ;) And by working on your other art project --> You're an artist. NOT a would-be artis!

    I would love to know that if you're going to take up the job offer. Unless I read it wrong, it sounded like you had a bit of hesitation there.

    Last but not least, thank you for the fantastic comment on my latest post. It was a true honour to get to know you and sharing of our writing & creative journey. And hope that you weren't late at work! :)

  3. I took the job offer. A bird in the hand as they say...


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