Wednesday, 29 July 2009

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Those magic three words that I can't resist... You see, it's all these creative blogs I keep reading. Cool artist types are running and joining these classes and groups left right and centre and they all sound such fun. If you read me regularly (AND IF NOT WHY NOT!!??) you'll have seen some serious evidence of my Wreck this Journal experience. Regrettably, this draws to a close this week - which reminds me I still have some destruction to take forward - I've got a little bag full of my own hair which which shortly be creating 'art'. That sounds so disgusting doesn't it! Imagine the conversation I had with the hairdresser when I asked her to collect up some clippings. I confess that I actually took my journal in there with me to prove that I wasn't a complete nutcase, though she may have only been partially convinced!

Where was I? Ah yes, groups and courses. So, as well as WTJ I am also enjoying myself thoroughly learning some new techniques and getting inspiration from art journaling 102 (not sure what the 102 bit means but the art journaling should be self-explanatory). I joined this as an archived course so missed all the fun of learning with the group and sharing experiences... next time...

Fantasy Folded Art Book is where I will be getting sticky collaging and turning an old book into a work of art (well, that's the plan anyway). What makes this course even more enjoyable is that it was free. I won my fee back in a giveaway from the lovely Patty at River Bend Ranch. So thank you Patty. This has given me suitable impetus to work really hard and create something you will be proud of! It will also mean I get to use up all those lovely pictures I am snipping and tearing from my growing magazine and general ephemera collection.

And last but by no means least is my 'this should help me write my novel course' which I am ashamed to admit I started back in January then dried up on around March. However, I still have all the materials so will get around to it... eventually. It is run by Holly Lisle, a fantasy fiction author.

That's the list of the ones I'm actually dabbling in at present... Then we have the wish list...

I found another great source of learning and inspiration at the land of lost luggage and after an email chat had me so close to hitting the PAY NOW button I held back for the next course in September - Art Journaling Super Nova - the name on its own is enough to get me to sign on the dotted line.

Tonight, was the nearly the paintbrush that broke the camel's back (or something like that). I was just checking out my regular haunts and came across this post from the Queen of Creativity on juicy journaling. Can there be no end to this wicked temptation??? But the thing is... I am having sooooo much fun!

A late edit: AGGGRRRHHH Now look what I've found! I just have to join this too...... I have to.... I must.... I want to be a part of it....


  1. OMG you're such a busy bee! But I'm enjoying your high energy buzzzzz! You're really into art journal. Good on you! ;)

  2. you have sucha great"voice"to your writing;kindof reminds me of the great and witty Marion Keyes.So keep having fun with all your endeavors. I too love to write; poetry,short stories,but when i put pressure on myself to get published, it stops being fun.

  3. So you have the disease too! I have even signed up the the Fantasy folded altered book class. Luckily it is go at your own pace. They do make it so easy.


  4. Thanks so much for joining in the fun!! We're looking forward to returning on the big day and seeing what inspires you the most!


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