Friday, 4 June 2010

Flying... but slightly out of control

I'm having a strange week. I'm full of nerves, on edge and not entirely sure why. Perhaps it is a touch of culture shock after my week away in the sun. Day 1 back in the country saw me fighting round a supermarket that seemed to contain more people than the whole of Skiathos (and it was raining outside... and cold). Day 2 was driving for hours to deliver my son to his Dad for a week and consquently driving for hours home without him and then missing him like crazy all week. Then I was back at work - more driving - and filling my head with tasks, ideas, actions, things to do now, things to do next week...

On top of that I started another e-course (because you just know I can't get enough) - more on that later - and naturally had to watch the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent most nights (my money is on Tina and Chandi the dancing dog).

By Thursday any beneficial effects of a week spent at a slower pace of life soaking up the healing rays of the Greek sun were but a distant memory. I felt like every drop of energy had been leaking out of me all week (probably though all those holes in my skin left by pesky mosquitos) and there was but a stagnant pool left somewhere in my left big toe.

The saving grace was the weather. A beautiful sunny evening yesterday prompted the boyfriend to pick me up, sling me over his shoulder and take me out for a restoring Pimm's in a canalside pub. I was still in bed by 10pm mind!

Well, this was going to be a post about me starting the Kelly Rae course - Flying Lessons - but it sort of got out of control. Rather indicative of how I feel this week. A fledgling chick just out of the nest on the cliff top - spiralling out of control with (hopefully) enough moments of control to keep me safely on the wing!
Might as well publish this then try the Kelly Rae post again later!!


  1. Well, you can't be perky all the time, can you? :) You probably feel better now writing all this stuff down. It's friday and time to party, right!? Well, for some, I'm married and I don't party anymore. Sigh. :) Nice reading you. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you are back on track, although if I ever get off track, I want a week like you just had decompressing...the pub sounds awesome!

    Have a good weekend.

  3. I hope you have a better week,sometimes it feels better when you write it out or type it like you did. I know the feeling though,you really can't figure out why you feel like you do which is another problem in itself.Let us know how Kelly's class is. I want to take it too. I would love to know how to sell my work.

  4. Aside from missing your son like crazy (which I know I would do when mine was that age), I think you are suffering from withdrawal! The symptoms: wanting to go and live in a warm climate where everything moves at a snail's pace and no one worries about it! The sheer beauty is calling you! Not easy to cure, but hang in there!

    I have the same problem every time I visit a warm sunny place near the ocean. I think, why can't I move to this warm sunny place? People do live here. Why not me? Haven't answered that yet...

  5. Coming back to reality after a break especially having been in a completely ideal environment is always a shock to the system, especially as you are missing your son too. But underneath it all your batteries are charged and you will soon regain your energy.

  6. All your talk about your son and the trip is so understandable, give yourself some time to regroup. Can't wait to hear about the Kelly Rae class. I was going to take it but it just didn't have the time right now so I am interested in hearing about it. Or maybe not since its probably fantastic and I will regret not doing it.

  7. So funny! I know what you mean about starting a post and ending up talking about something else or about lots of different things. :)

    Stopping by to say hi from someone you're 'flying' with :D


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