Thursday, 17 June 2010


A puff of air

Whispered words

Dancing breezes

Carry wishes on fairy wings

Be careful how you wish...
My entry for Inspiration Avenue's Wish challenge. I took this photo on holiday and couldn't wait to come home and play in Photoshop. This week's challenge was just the catalyst to make me do just that! Nothing too technical - mainly colour saturation and a few adjustment filters.
My wishes? Well, that would be telling!


  1. ~you are speaking straight at my heart...may i have a wish too! this is a simply magical post...beautifully done...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. I just saw a flower like that one on my walk! It is like a magestic exotic and pretty, you photoshop genious!

    PS: I enjoyed your fairytale very much :)

  3. Sensational! Love all of the color and different effects used. I took photos of Dandelions lately as well they are so light and interesting. These photos are majestic!

  4. lovely...lovely...and I will just take a moment to make a wish...right now...

  5. Wishes. Such a beautiful post. "Poof" Off they fly to the wish center to bring us our wishes. Something to ponder.

  6. Dandelions are amazing. No wonder they are associated with wishes. As far as being the evil weed in the garden, I have found out there are a lot worse things you can have growing in your garden!

    I love your photo, and also what you have done in Photoshop. Very pretty!

  7. Great digital art....I like the cobwebby effect you created.
    Don't you just love Photoshop? I can sit and do this stuff for hours; its so addictive.
    PS Thanks for the message...we have been to Skiathos 3 times; its one of my fav islands.

  8. These are wonderful! I love dandelions - especially when they get to this stage. Good thing I don't have a yard because my neighbors might not like them so much. ;->

  9. Such a captivating image, it reminds me of a spider's web, very complex and fine. I love all of your versions, each one is beautiful.

  10. I just love working in photoshop too. But you have to have some great photos to start with. lol...You obviously have a great eye for taking pictures as well as drawing and painting.
    You are so talented!

  11. AMAZING entry!!! I had totally forgotten about dandelion wished- one of my favorite childhood delights! Thanks for the memory- it made my day!

  12. I love this!! Each one brings a new wish to mind. What a fabulous series!


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  14. I love this image! I'm making a wish right now. ;D


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