Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Postcards from Greece (2): Stress the Greek way

I was so pleased to be writing this by day 2 of my holiday (by which time the sun had well and truly come out to play!)

I'm learning to relax. I'm getting rather good at it. In fact, it's rather easy when you have a few Greek ingredients mixing a magical spell: Nowhere special to be; no reason to rush; no driving; no traffic; no deadlines; no phone ringing... Err, hang on, these aren't ingredients! They're the things missing. Is this perhaps instead a very large Greek takeaway?

OK, let's try again: One large dose of sunshine, trees weighed down with unfathomably large lemons (later destined to dress my dinner); turquoise waters with curious fish swimming around my toes; diamond sparkling softest sand; beer on the balcony; boy bouncing a ball; stretching out on a sun-lounger.... Ahh.... bliss....

We sleep for at least 10 hours a night (without the need for warming socks). We lose the ability and desire to rush and, and, and... think that if we miss the bus, we'll just sit and wait for the next one...

I think we've clearly been infected by 'Skiathos'. As diseases go it's certainly one I could recommend. It shows its symptoms differently by age. Children forgo expensive toys and plastic in return for shiny stones and big rocks that go PLOP when you throw them in the sea and Mums sleep for 10 hours a night and alternate their days between doing a spot of nothing by the pool to the same on the beach...
I'm back at work now... stressful traffic jams, plenty of work. When is my next holiday?


  1. oh what a heavenly vacation!!! wonderful photos!!!

  2. oh my goodness! I need one of these holidays I do!!!! Sounds heavenly and perfect and so agree about the just playing and plopping with nature's good presents!

    Just saw you over at flying lessons too! :)


  3. Oh, a piece of Paradise..I'd love to be lying on that beach, with no thinking going in my head (that would be hard for me)
    In three weeks, we're going on 4 day little vacation to New York City--probably not the most relaxing, but alot of fun, plus we'll be seeing our son there.

  4. awwww sounds so relaxing! I think I need a vacation,even on the weekends when I'm not working I feel like I'm working.

  5. Sounds like a perfect holiday recipe

  6. yes, relaxing is an art! and these pic's truly capture that feeling!

    and btw! thanks for stopping in to see me..and for leaving such a generous comment!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. ~to be and do nothing but soak it all up...l♥ved your little one as a mermaid below! clever are is amazing when you take all away how we get back to the simplicity of living life and enjoying such...oh how i wish i could be infected by skiathos...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  8. Hang over from holiday!?? You could always take a "imaginary mini holiday" at your backyard or park ... Don't stress too much, dear friend. Breath and smile! ;)

  9. oh how I am ready for a vacation! this sounds just wonderful!! you should carry a photo around with you to remember!


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