Thursday, 24 June 2010

Inspiration and a strange ramble

Sometimes as I wander through blogland (and indeed also that stranger place known to many as 'real life'), I find so many sources of inspiration that my mind can't cope. It is spilling over like a fountain!

Lately it seems that every blog, magazine, news article... it all seems to spark something. What is great that this is continuing at work. Someone said to me today that he could hear my cogs whirring as ideas for an event began to take shape... What I haven't quite managed is to conjure up the time (or resources) to make these dreams reality, but we can but hope. Whenever I've done all those personality surveys they drag out at work I always show up as a creative, an ideas person. My nemeses being analysis and finishing things off. Perhaps I could just sit on a sofa eating chocolate and thinking up jolly wheezes while a team of lackeys executes them for me. Nah, I'd just get spotty, put on weight and miss all the fun!

This post will be disjointed - I warn you now. I should have perhaps warned you at the beginning but then it might not have seemed to random.

I'm sorry dear readers but I am more than a little tired. OK, so I didn't take part in an 11 hour long tennis match nor qualify for the final 16 in the World Cup, but hey it's been a busy week.

Back to where I started. A couple of inspiring things that have flitted through my conscious this week. First, some geurilla art posted by All Pulped Out. I have a big ambition to undertake a geurilla art exercise at work (we're harking back to another paragraph now). I have yet to quite firm up the best subject matter and overall objective... but I'll get there. Someone find me an interesting telegraph pole... Now, I could have included a picture here but I want you to go and read the full post, so off you go now...

The Kelly Rae course this weeks discusses time management and goal setting. Perhaps I should have organised my thoughts before starting this post. But you see, I just wanted to write something... anything... I haven't blogged for a few days and I missed it.

And more inspiration... well this weekend there's a delightful tea party to attend - there will be cupcakes and magic aplenty, as well as strange fellows in hats... If you've not packed your hamper and dug out your party dress yet then I suggest a quick trip down to the emporiums in Memory Lane to see what you can find...

Finally, the challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week is 'Circus'. I can't get the kaleidoscope of colour from Cirque du Soleil out of my mind... I just need to find time to somehow translate it onto paper...

I have to go now. My head feels slightly befuddled.... Normal service will resume soon (one hopes...)


  1. i love it when inspiration comes in from all different sources- lucky you! :)

  2. phew - I think I need a lie-down, love the image

  3. Love the post!! I laughed at the tennis comment. My mom watched most of!

  4. My brain is a mix-master...always whirling and many ideas...
    You are better at communicating and executing...I love your last work! Tremendous!

  5. hmmm... now my brains have gone off to it's own journey thanks to you ;) i wonder if mine can manifest into art like yours did ... hmmm...

  6. Rambling is good ... sometimes we need that to sort our thoughts.

    Glad to have you as "Diary Buddy". Which date you pick? Looking forward to see your artwork. ;)

  7. Hi Lisa, I really love your blog! And your Etsy shop! And your writing! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I feel like kindred spirits. Our Flying Lessons are amazing. I hope we can follow and stay in touch with each other beyond this class and get to know and support each other. Hope you got a good night's sleep. Your's creatively, Beth Megquier

  8. isn't inspiration fabulous!! the trick is staying focused!

  9. Confused or not you're always a delight! I can COMPLETELY relate to having too much inspiration and not enough time. I even began to sketch out ideas on paper just so I wouldn't forget them but all I ended up with was a pile of paper I don't have the time to look through nor clean up.
    Love your submission♥


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