Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Three Lions, Three Muses and Three Words...

Three lions on the shirt Jules Rimet* still gleaming
All those years of hurt
Never stoppped me dreaming

So many jokes, so many jeers
But all those oh so nears
Wear you down
Through the years

But I still see that
Tackle by Moore
And when Lineker scored
Bobby belting the ball
And nobby dancing...

Well, I wonder if anyone else has been inspired with a football song at the lyric challenge of the the Three Muses this week. Last time I did one of these I stuck with the more traditional "I got sunshine on a cloudy day", but hey the World Cup starts this week. England are in it. The radios are full of football anthems. Lads and ladettes shout the words in the streets and dream...

Personally I love a good footie tune but it has to be 'of the people'. I'm sorry, but unless it has a rousing chorus that sounds better when sung by crowds of drunks celebrating that last second goal in the dying moments of the game than it aint no good by my book.

Here's a couple of fine examples ready for this year's upcoming victory.

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...

And the best football song ever?
Reworked for 2010

And the three words of the header for this post? Well, WE WILL WIN of course!

* PS: For the last 12 years I had been under the impression that the lyrics of this song read 'jewels remain still gleaming'. What can I say... I'm a girl!


  1. Wonderful interpretation for this song.
    Great work as always.

  2. That's what I like. Some unbridled and heartfelt patriotism. I wish England good luck - mainly because, although Australia qualified, they are always among the also-rans. Thanks for the videos which I enjoyed greatly.

  3. Football is my favorite game too! But I can't think of one American football song, so I applaud you! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. What a cool take on the theme, I'm afraid the Robbie Williams song is my pick! New Zealand qualified & we are going to win it!!!! Well, maybe not! Good luck England my second home I well remember the 1966 world cup when they won!

  5. Great idea to take a football song! I love football, too, and I'm certainly going to watch the games. Good luck to England (Finland is not really a football country...)!

  6. Ahhh how awesome is this one Lisa, we'll be hoping for BBQ weather here this weekend for the start of the world cup. Come on England!

  7. Great post! I played them and got revved up..I even played them together for awhile.

  8. Totally unique!!! Bravo! LynnF

  9. oh I love this time of year!!! soccer is always so much fun to watch!!!

    wonderful work!!!

  10. Good luck to you over there!!! Love the shape and colors! Have fun...

  11. Good luck in the worldcup! Well, not too much luck of course, that's for the Duchies, lol!

  12. Wheee! Go England! I'm not much of a footballer myself, but I'll jump on the bandwagon for England! I might also be interested in a group reading of Women Who Run With Wolves. The title has always fascinated me but when I flipped through it in the bookstore I wasn't sure I for it. If you are seriously thinking about it, let me know.l Go England!

  13. Beautiful piece and a very topical song :)) I also live in England, but I'm not a big fan on football. In fact I'm not fan at all :D But my husband is very excited.

    I haven't heard this song before, but it's quite nice.

  14. Rubbish best football song ever!

  15. Lisa, you crack me up! I'm a huge James Corden fan... and I think the song's fan. I feel your untidy pain - you need a dose of the FlyLady to get that under control and... she works! I still hoard, but not like I used to!! xoxoxo

  16. Great take on the theme - and a great song. But I am very sorry that I have to inform you that Germany is going to win the worldcup. England is allowed to be second, though :-)


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