Sunday, 6 June 2010

Take off

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Having set the scene with an earlier post this week, I will now attempt once again to tell you about the latest course I am taking - Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons - rather than another art course, this one takes me on the next step of making a success of my creative business (which at the moment amounts to selling a couple of paintings).

The thing is, my mind is already wandering... I'm thinking about my last take off. Home from holiday just over a week ago. Skiathos has one of those very short runways that end in the sea. Landing was an exercise in swift braking and reverse thrust. Take off was flinging you back in the seat and subconsciously lifting your body up with the plane before the tarmac ran out.

Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, creating my successful creative business... Now of course I can't think of a thing to say (I've gone back to Greece).

I admire Kelly tremendously. An ordinary girl just like me. She's not formally trained, she just fell into art and now not only makes her living from it, but inspires and encourages others to take the plunge too. Her generous spirit has made this course possible and she genuinely wants us to make it too. This week we've been dealing with the fear factor. Those old 'who do you think you are?' niggles. It's all about bringing Faith and Self Belief into your make up box. I should stop listening to the inner critic and instead heed the words of those who tell me I am an Artist. I am Creative. I am good at what I do. It always seems to come as such a shock when I receive praise. Did Rembrandt have this much trouble I wonder? Does David Beckham ever wonder if he's any good at football? J K Rowling if she's got a good imagination?

I actually feel really strange just writing this. Just half-heartedly admitting that I might have some talent that buyers might wish to part with their hard-earned cash for. It's embarrassing. I'm blushing. Why is it so wrong to put yourself out there and say "I am an artist". After all, if someone asks me what I do for a living (ie the day job) I have no worries about comfortably stating I'm an Internal Communications Manager. If I played sport in my free time, I wouldn't shy away from admitting I competed. Why can't I just say I'm an artist?

It's a funny old world. Good job the pilot wasn't so scared of taking off last week!


  1. The pilot does take off at the end of your clip and just about blows everyone away as I am sure will do!

  2. I am taking this course as well and loving it very much. I spent a half a day yesterday covering material, re-reading and writing in my art journal. Several things she said hit home for me - especially facing my fears. I'm looking forward to this week's lessons! :)

  3. I understand just explained my feelings with more eloquance and humor than I could have done, you little writer/painter!

  4. You're such a hard-learning lady. Good on you! And yes, since you're still having trouble saying this out loud, let me yell this out from Down Under: Lisa Wright is a CREATIVE (writer & artist)! :D xxoo

  5. Lisa you are an Artist and a Writer. But I know what you mean,I never say that about myself,its hard to say. I too have alot of trouble excepting compliments. In my head I always say oh their probably being just polite and they really hate my work. I want to take kellys course but money is alittle tight right now. UGH! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I understand where you're coming from. I've been working as a full time artist for over 5 years now and I still stumble over that title at times. I have grown more comfortable with it but not as completely as I know I should be. For me though it's more than just having my work admired but being able to actually make a living at some aspect of it. Praises are priceless, that's for sure but one does have to put food on the table at the end of the day.
    Here's to continuing to reach new heights in faith and comfort.♥

  7. You are an artist! Why do we feel that self doubt? Why do some of us get over it like Kelly and succeed? I can't wait to hear how you sound at the end and if you feel like it will help with sales! I thought about taking this class too but am taking Suzi's painting class, which I need more:-( I am still afraid of painting my true spirit, I'm afraid. We press on! Ciao!


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