Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What a goal!

It's OK, come back, come back, it's not a football post! Now that England have slunk back home from the World Cup with their tails between their legs we can all get on with life as normal again (and enjoy all those funny jokes that are doing the rounds).

So, GOALS. Yes, I intend to score this week. I am fired up and ready to achieve. Here's my list which I am sharing with the cyber world. Do feel free to check back and see how I am getting on and shame me by comparisons with a certain football team if I fail to make progress.

1. Complete VAT return well ahead of schedule. (I have to tell you that the mere thought of this actually makes me shiver with distaste...). This should not take long, but feels like a mountain. I think it's even easy and straightforward, yet anything to do with tax brings me out in a dose of the eebie jeebies. By committing to it here, I do hope I stand a chance of completing this one.

To achieve this goal, I need to: get all my finances up to date (no mean feat) - and to achieve that requires some serious tidying up of all paperwork. Ugghrrrr......

2. Create a drawing for the Diary Project. A fellow blogger (Hybrid J) pointed me in this direction. 365 (ish) artists are creating their own individual pages for 2011. It's an 'ish' number because I think there's extras on the cover and back... Entries must be in by Thursday. There are still pages available if you want to sign up. It's free and there's no obligation to actually buy the diary - but come on... how could you resist seeing your work in print?

To achieve this goal, I need to: Decide on a theme that closely matches my current work, practice a few times, sketch and then send off!

3. Prepare the house for ... drum roll ... my boyfriend moving in this weekend! Eek, how exciting! I have already cleared a 'little' space in the wardrobes sweetheart and a couple of drawers... You already have my heart! (what a slushy romantic!!).

To achieve this goal, I need to: give away all those clothes I haven't worn for years, try and consolidate my art 'studio' into just one room in the house, make him his favourite dinner...

4. Add to my current series of greetings cards I am designing - with a special one for my friend's 40th. You can see some samples in my previous post. Then see about how best to get them made into prints. This is an important step in the formation of my creative biz!

To achieve this goal, I need to: DO THE OTHER ONES FIRST!

This goal sharing was a wonderful idea that sprang from the Kelly Rae creative business flying lessons ecourse. Cathy has created us a page where we can share our links, so do pop along and add yours too.


  1. boyfriend moving IN caught my eye!! wowee! sounds a bit serious!! lovely!! xx's

  2. ~Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” Pamela Vaull Starr

    may you achieve each of these goals you have set for yourself and how wonderful for you and the boyfriend! may it be a wonderful journey that lies ahead...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. You broke down your goals wonderfully. I was on Diary Project last year and loved it. Congrats on boyfriend moving in. :) Big step. Don't beat him up for leaving the toilet sit up. :))

  4. Ah Natasha, I have that problem well under control. My toilet seat won't stay up (he is threatening to fix it though!)

  5. you've got a lot of big goals and so it's great that you broke down what you need to do for each one.

    have fun with the boyfriend moving in.
    i am so lucky, my husband always put the toilet lid down!!!! :)

  6. Woo hoo! Fab goals, hope your life becomes everything you imagine it to be. Lots of love and luck for your future x

  7. I love how you have set your goals with humor and clearsightedness. The first step in achieving your goals is to list them - so way to go. Sounds like all kinds of wonderful things on the horizon for you. Good luck and love along the way!

  8. I know you will tic them off one at a time...that's the kinda girl you are. A force of purpose.

  9. those are some big goals, especially the move in man!!! all the best with them. your cards are lovely.

  10. Bah you girls got it wrong toilet seats should ALWAYS be left up!! .. they stay cleaner that way :)

  11. Fantastic goals! Well Done and I'm sure you'll get all of them completed with little sweat. Thanks for mentioning me re the diary post. Eagerly waiting to see your wonderful artwork. And how lovely that boyfriend's moving in. Congratulations! Hmmm ... boyfriend ... better get one myself as well, hahaha!

  12. Hi.....I've enjoyed catching up on your recent posts. Love your digital art...especially the first one on the Alice post. Good luck with the list (and sharing your home ;-)
    Linda x
    PS I love Skiathos too...we've been 3 times.

  13. Ooooh...exciting in so many ways. I am in tax return land too (next week..sorting receipts, spreadsheet etc...). Lets shake hands and do it!! (PS just thought about accomodation in London - the YHA hostels are supposed to be quite good and reasonable).

  14. okay, first let me just say that I loved the art in your last post! those faces are terrific! i love your style! great job!

    and secondly...I'm happy to hear that you are focusing on your 'creative' business! you have talent....and it's also marketable! what a combo!!!!

    and thirdly...thanks for coming to see me today! I'm still reading the Austenland book, but it's just another interesting take on Austen life....a modern day girl steps into a world of old on a paid vacation retreat!

    anyhow..i added the amazon link to the book on bottom of my day's post ...

    have a great first day of July!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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