Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The stuff of fairy tales

Once upon a time a peasant girl wandered around the fairytale Kingdom in which she lived. She was a sad figure, having given up on her dreams of one day rising from her humble beginnings and a life draped in drabbery. Suddenly she came upon a tiny window of a shop set into a tree trunk twinkling in the sunlight. She was sure she had never seen this before and her curiosity beckoned her closer. With every step she took toward the old oak, the glistening became brighter until she realised that the sun was not glinting off of just the glass from the pane, but from what was immediately inside - a necklace shimmering with the lights of a hundred diamonds. It was the most beautiful treasure she had ever seen.

An old woman came shuffling up to the girl and invited her into the shop in the tree. She tried to protest, knowing that her humble savings could never afford anything so exquisite. The woman placed the necklace around the neck of the girl and turned her gently to face an ornate mirror in the corner of the room. The girl gasped as she saw the light reflecting across her face from the necklace. Her eyes lit in wonder as tiny stars of magic rose from the jewels and floated around the room.

The moment was brief as the old woman removed the treasure and returned it to the window. The girl thanked her and began to leave, but a knarled hand grabbed her and begged her to listen.

"This will be yours," she whispered. "It is for the kind-hearted, sharing and compassionate. It was made for one such as you, but others too." The words seemed like a riddle to the girl. How could it ever be hers? It must cost more than she could earn in a lifetime. "Have faith" smiled the crone. "Believe in your dreams, never give up on them and use the intelligence God gave you. Now be off... I know I'll see you soon..."

The girl stumbled outside at first confused by the woman's words. But then she realised and she knew and understood... The necklace would be hers after all for suddenly she knew who were the others referred to in the riddle...


Are you fascinated by this story? Do you want to know what happened next? Shall I let you into a little secret... I know the ending... I confess that while I wrote the words above the plot itself comes from a true story. I have joined The Wish Studio book group. We are reading The Necklace by Cheryl Jarvis. The story of a group of women who, inspired by one, came together to buy a $37,000 diamond necklace that none could afford on their own. They took it in turns to wear the jewels and came together every month to share their stories. The necklace became a catalyst for connection, friendship and much more.

The stuff of fairy tales? Maybe, just maybe...

It's not too late to join the Group. It kicks off this coming weekend... Details on The Wish Studio.


  1. Cool! I've been searching for a good summer book to read..I think I'll get this one. Probably wont join the group, although it does sound like a lot of fun.
    I like to read at my own pace.:)
    Have fun.

  2. You are the best storyteller! I really hope you write your own book soon..I've said it many times but I mean it. You are superb writer!

    I'll buy the Necklace book and read it soon.

  3. What an amazing story, it really touched me. I had no idea where the story was actually going but could relate to so much of it. It's really cool what they're doing over at the Wish Studio with the necklace they created together.♥


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