Saturday, 2 April 2011


Yeah, so I'm really naughty. As far as I know, Kate Middleton does not follow my blog. I have not been invited to the Royal Wedding as a conseqence of my inane ramblings... and nor has Elvis!

What can I say? I love April Fool's Day! A good prank needs to be topical and strangely believable, but also hold a few clues as to its mischief and I always like to get more and more ridiculous towards the end of the story which catches out those who skim read! Elvis sitting next to Amy Winehouse at the wedding? Surely not!

Inserting an anagram of April Fool helps too. Floral Poi is not really a type of tea leaf favoured by royalty... although it does sound rather refreshing - possibly a blend of Jasmine and green leaves, rich in anti-oxidants blended by ladies wearing flowers in their hair.

I doubt too that Jeeves the supercilious footman personally delivers each invite - especially not to commoners like myself! And anyway, I doubt I would have invited him in, he probably had smelly feet.

And so, I apologise to those I caught out on April Fool's Day with my Royal Wedding invite - blame the internet, PhotoShop and Google image search for making it so easy! You have a whole year to think up one to get me back!


  1. Oh darn!! Now I have to tell everyone I know that I really don't know someone that is going to Kate's wedding.....maybe I just won't say anything
    P.S. Floral Poi--very clever--I should have figured that one out.

  2. LOL! Lisa I think you should win an award for being one of the most imaginative, creative and convincing people I know! It's a wonder you brain doesn't explode with all these ideas flying around in there!


  3. Oh that's okay Lisa. Here and now you are very important and you are invited to all our blogs. Especially mine. Tee hee.:))

  4. Who cares about the royal wedding! Visit the women on the blog, that's way more entertaining!

  5. You are a funny one...thankyou for the giggle you gave me on my blog (actually ROFL)...wish you lived next door. Seriously though, thankyou for your lovely words x


  7. haha! i love your imagination and sense of humor. you take me to the must enjoyable places!! now write a book, it will be a best seller!!


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