Sunday, 17 April 2011

Finding Arcadia again

I've been crying over music...

I can't have listened to this album for nearly 20 years, yet it seems like yesterday. I feel almost embarrassed to admit it brought a tear to my eye - a mixture of the haunting and exotic creativity of the piece and the emotions of a teenage me brought back to the surface.

As each track began the memories stirred. It's hard to explain. A mixture of long-forgotten words and puberty's angst. Hours spent living in a dream world ... Those were the days when we had hours to dream...

For those not obsessed by everything Duran Duran circa 1985, perhaps I should explain that Arcadia were a one-album offshoot from the band and, despite missing my 'darling' John Taylor, produced the kind of music that makes me cry. I know, what can I say? I'm artistic and prone to being irrationally emotional.

When I was 14, I was convinced I would one day become Mrs Taylor. Clearly I never did, or perhaps this blog might be called 'Tayles' or 'Hey look at me, I bagged a pop star'. I did marry someone who shared the same birthday, but that didn't turn out too well, so I'm guessing some things were just not meant to be!

It's strange, but I have no idea what prompted me to type 'So Red the Rose' into the iTunes store. Maybe it was the bizarre dream a few days ago when myself, Take That and Duran Duran chewed the fat in the sunshine in Brighton. Perhaps it's just because they are getting quite a bit of airplay lately with a new single (yes, still going strong into their 50s... there's hope for us all yet!). I've dreamt about them again since... twice in a week... my 14-year-old self would have been beside herself! This time I helped Nick Rhodes write the lyrics to their new song (separated well away from the musical instruments of which I am not adept!).

I still own the vinyl album with its stunning artwork, but sadly have nothing to play it on. Lucky for Messrs Le Bon & Co's bank accounts that I bought it again digitally - likewise much of the Duran Duran back catalogue. The vampish gypsy Queen was great inspiration to a teenage artist too. How we miss album art in these digital days...

Whatever the reason that prompted the re-purchase; I've been back in dreamland, back in Arcadia and on Sri Lankan beaches, riding yachts dashing through shining seas and driving in chauffeur-driven silver-blue cars through rainstorms.

My personal playlist 'Flim Flam & Judy' - dreamiest songs

Ordinary World
The Chauffeur
Skin Trade
Save a Prayer
Hold back the Rain
Lonely in your Nightmare
The Promise
El Diablo
Election Day
All you need is now
Point of No Return
Still Breathing


  1. Wow, I had forgotten how great that cover art was.

  2. Reading this it really took me back to my teenage years ! Those where the days glam rock new romantics dreamy clothes well groomed boys ahh..... Thanks for the trip down memory lane

  3. we love all things Duran Duran in my home...seriously, my husband, too...he often can be caught belting out "rio"...
    I LOVED "save a prayer..." oh, wonderful, i am off to find these great tunes on itunes, now! thanks for the memory!
    and, yes, i cry at music i love, too!!!!

  4. I love how music can bring up such nostalgia especially from our angsty teen years. It's sad that as we age we seem to lose the soundtrack to accompany our lives. I have songs from ColdPlay & Feist that still churn me when I hear them...despite their more recent histories remembered.

  5. I have records like that--songs that take you back to your friends and their junker cars. Reminds you of the people you used to love and the people you still do. :)

  6. I never thought I'd hear myself say this; but, they just don't make music like they used to- the 80's were the BEST!

  7. Being only four years old in 1985 I missed the wholel duran duran age. I didn't actually get into music until I was about 15 in the early 90's, and started down my still current road of listening to anything not 'pop culture' *L*


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