Monday, 18 April 2011

The Mojo it returneth

The cough it is banishedeth

The dark circles are begone

The paint it floweth

The creativity aboundeth

It is indeed a good day.

Can't stop creating. Have a bounce in my step and for the second night in a row I am nowhere near ready for bed at 10pm. In fact, I am dancing around the kitchen...

I'm wired for sound. I'm lost in music. Angels make me feel... I'm back for good...

I have to go and dance now... I bought the new Duran Duran album - All you need is now. It's so 1983... I feel the need for shoulder pads. Duran Duran + Mark Ronson = Pure Magic. It seems my mojo had taken a time travelling vacation. Now, I've found her again sporting a dodgy haircut and hanging out with heterosexual men wearing make up, we are partying like it's... 19...

PS - Yes, I have been drinking (first drop in over two months)... but frankly didn't really need it. Just feel TOP! I love music.

PPS - Yeah, that's me dancing round the kitchen in that picture! Well, kind of! Mixed media on cardboard - lots of layers (just like me and Shrek) and some image transfering.


  1. You go girl, lol! That is a wickedly cool background in purples you created!

    I can totally relate to you, I was in a long spell where I didn't feel like doing anything but watch tv, and the last few days something changed. Maybe it's something in the air, but things seem more hopeful.
    Keep on creating, and take advantage of this excess energy, and the return of your away, lol! but please, please don't put on shoulder pads, haha! I hope to never see those again :-)

  2. Glad you are floating on air and having a great time. Loving your mixed media creation, so Annette x

  3. I love the mixed media look of the piece you are featuring. It looks so textural that I thought it was cloth. I have to give it to you, you have been active as all get out even though you have been sick..Power on! Glad you are back to norm.

  4. Hey, I'm glad your mojo is back! You sound so full of energy - yay for you!

  5. WOOT WOOT! Glad you are BACK!!!!!!!! Love that you are feeling good again - you sound like you are in a great place - i mean Duran Duran and wine? now that's good stuff! have a good one! xo

  6. Love the colours!! I can feel the excitement in your writing...such a great feeling... paint like you have never painted before!

    Jeanne xx

  7. Hi Lisa! it's great to hear you're "back" and with such energy! I love your newest creation!the purple background is gorgeous! xoxox

  8. This is awesome! And i'm glad that you've got ur inspiration back! :)

  9. SO glad that you're back to your old self--we all need some Lisa in our life!

  10. HA! What a great post! Love the shoulder pad line! Yeah, you - now, I need to get that album so I can find my mojo, lol! xoxo

  11. Glad you're feeling on top again - love the purple and green!

  12. Love the painting, and love the attitude even more! I've given up on early nights. My brain has no intention of actually living until 2pm anyway so why both trying to get up early when I can stay up all night drawing. I just learned from my mom that I've inherited this late night creative owl bit my dear passed on grandmother

  13. Gorgeous Lisa! So glad to hear you are back to your upbeat self!!! Hugs and smiles

  14. So glad your boogie is back ! Love the piece !
    Keep on dancing, Lovely One !

  15. I am glad to see you are back to yourself again. Keep on Dancing to your own tune.

  16. Yay!! I am so happy you are feeling all sparkly again! hooray beautiful art..i love the richness and strength in this powerful piece!

    I am also glad your blog is day..I was here and there were strange squiggles everywhere and I couldn't see was wild!
    Beautiful art...lovely post!
    Shine on...


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