Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dirty laundry

April watched the sheets dancing in the warm Spring breezes and smiled as she realised what pleasure such a mundane task as washing became on a day like this. In a moment she would step outside, most likely barefoot so she could feel the fresh grass under her feet and gather in the laundry that smelt like the breezes which had dried it. In a moment she would think about making love with her husband under those fragrant sheets. In a moment her whole life would be turning upside down.

For when April collected the duvet she felt something small and bundled in a corner. Reaching in to pull out the expected stray sock, she removed instead frilly underwear. It was black and delicately patterned with fleur-de-lis. Funny how you noticed such things she thought, as shock fought its way to forefront of mind pushing out aesthetic appreciation. For April did not own frilly black underwear with a fleur-de-lis pattern...

Later as they glared at each other over the dinner table - the underwear of guilt between them - she waited for an explanation.Waited for the dagger of deceit and betrayal to strike in her heart.

"Whose are they?" she asked again, her voice too made of cold steel. "Heather?" she questioned. "She never stops flirting with you... Or Isabel?" Sly sneaky Isabel who coveted everything her elder sister held dear.

The silence continued as Bradley sat forlornly head in hands. Finally he raised his eyes to hers and spoke.

"Not Heather's. Not Isabel's" he stated, humiliation written across his features...



A short story in response to a creative prompt by another writing Wright! Kat Wright's Ticc Tock - where this week we wrote about something unexpected on the washing line.


  1. OMG!!! I'm glad I'm the first to comment. YOU ARE AMAZING. I love this story. I was surprised at the ending..did not have a clue until I read the last line and usually I know far ahead what a writer has in mind. You are pure genius..surprise on the line..noone will be able to top this..noone. If someone does, please give me a link to their blog..I will be mystified-just as I was when I read your fantastic short story!!! Go Lisa!

  2. This is fantastic!!! How clever; I didn't guess what was going to happen. What a wonderful idea to develop the TIC TOCC in this way. I'm amazed and in awe that in ten minutes you managed to create such a perfectly formed, beautifully written piece of writing. I applaud you my friend!! Loved it (in case you hadn't guessed by my awe struck gushing. Lol.)

    Thank you so much for playing along and sharing your TIC TOCC results.

    Kat Xx

  3. Great little story, I was getting mad at first cuz I have a high distaste for cheaters, but the end really got me! I also now want to go and walk through grass barefoot!

  4. I loved it! Laughed out loud when he said "mine." Wonderful how you were able to have such a perfectly contained story in such a short piece!

  5. HILARIOUS story and so well written!

  6. I was really taken in by your story, didn't expect that ending, brilliant writing!

  7. Fantastic take on this theme, wonderful story.

  8. A fabulous end, Lisa. Love it.

  9. What an ending! You have thoroughly entertained me and piqued my interest. I will surely be back to this most interesting blog, and the girl with the paintbrush AND the pen!

  10. It's always a treat to read one of your stories! Well done and now, when are we going to read your 'novel'!? ;)

  11. wow - that was certainly unexpected! Wasn't sure whose dirty laundry you were airing for a moment! Thanks for stopping by and I can't believe it's been a year since you did the experimental art e-course either! I look forward to seeing your 'playing'!


  12. great story it conjures up all sorts of images


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