Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Erm... a post about woods, chocolate and frog Princes.... (amongst other things)

Springtime in the forest and the magic begins to unfurl. Whispers of spirits mix with the rustle of hidden creatures and beings that we sense but never see.

I've been communing with nature - here in the UK we have been blessed with endless days of not just warm, but HOT sunshine (like July temperatures), so I've been outdoors cycling, walking and adventuring through the forests near my home.

I was hoping for a glimpse of the Green Man or at the very least evidence of elf or sprite but I fear that the noise my young companion made alongside me may have sent them cowering for terror (he doesn't really come with a volume control!).

I've been working on this post for three days... which is most unlike me. My words have got stuck in a chocolate sludge... speaking of which...

Ah... that's better - cocoa on my taste buds... mmmmmm..... must visit shops for sale of Easter surplus...

Eh? What? Where was I?

Yes, deep in the woods. So anyway, there we were... the boy and I when suddenly we came upon this...

A cottage hidden right inside the forest, down an long private track - I had to check that we hadn't inadvertantly wandered into a fairy tale for it seemed most likely. Was this the house of Cinderella perhaps? If you pan back, you'd find a babbling brook breached by a rickety wooden bridge and a pond beside which a frog croaks. I would have kissed it, but some young slip of a gal called Kate got there first...

Gosh, darn it....

(I'm quite looking forward to the Royal Wedding. I'm not particularly Royalist, but I do love a good old British Occasion! We do know how to put on a show...).

Oh yes... And I really want to link to this post because this is just EXACTLY what I was trying to write about when I started this post, and before I travelled in a parallel universe via a galaxy far, far away...

Photos by me, taken in the woods while the elves looked on...


  1. Yay Lisa..hugs and sparkles my shining friend..what a beautiful post..thankyou for the link to me..I feel so honored and happy!
    I love love the magical cottage secretly waiting in the woods...how id love to come across such a sight!Wow! we are such kindreds..i love all you wrote about communing with nature...magical! hugs..wishing you a beautifl week ahead...and yes the royal wedding will be quite an event to watch. I still recall being a little girl and we all had a sleepover at my Nana's for Lady Di's big day!
    Thanks again for your lovely mention..i am touched! and thankyou for this magical post!
    HUgs sister kindred! see you in the forest!

  2. Too bad you didn't find any fairies...that is how I feel when wandering about in the woods. Love that cottage too...wonder what it looks like inside! I'm also looking forward to the royal wedding this weekend! I am actually super excited!

  3. I love your writings Lisa, I have missed visiting but I hope to come by more often! Chocolate mmmmmm!! No eggs for me though, no chance of that!!! Ha ha! Did get a little of my DD, as for a volume control they were not invented for children doesn't matter what age they are!!!

    Looking forward to Friday, I do love a good wedding especially with all the regal pomp and glamour!! Cant wait to see the dress, will be glued to the TV on friday morning! 80))

  4. These are great photo's! Imagine a cottage in the woods like that! Here in Michigan I'm likely to find a hunting shack or trailor but not a beautiful structure like that. I'm way geeked about the wedding. I'm planning a tea party for my girls and I. Of course, I will have to tape it because its on at 5 a.m. on a school day...but still...we're excited.

  5. I'm looking forward to the Royal Wedding as well, although I don't believe I'd find the "perfect hat"...just don't have the head for those things! lol

    And hey...can you give us back some of that sunny, warm weather? It's been dreadfully cold, along with several days of rain! Hee

  6. Lovely photo and it does conjur up magic, as do your words.
    I'm looking forward to the Royal Wedding too. I wonder how much longer there will be pomp and circumstance involved with the royal family...times seem to be changing.

  7. hey hey hey!!! i love the way you manipulated your photographs!! BOTH are so cool! i can certainly believe that magical creatures live in both places :)

    HAH!! volume control ... i need that too!!

  8. What an enchanted spot, but quite a way from the Co-op and discount Easter Eggs, I'm guessing.


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