Friday, 29 April 2011

A right Royal do

Ah it was such a lovely day to be British... We do know how to put on proper show, bring out the ceremony and throw a great party!

I can't admit to being an ardent Royalist, although I rather like that we have them to smash champagne on launching ships and put their faces on stamps. However, I have been shocked at myself for the fever pitch of excitement that I built up for this wedding today.

I was glued to the TV all day and, in the presence of the comforting Welsh tones of Huw Edwards, took my part in the spectacle that is the British Royal Wedding.

Westminster Abbey has never looked so glorious packed full of the great and good (and the "Who is that? They look familiar"). Real Royalty, football and entertainment royalty and dignitaries from across the globe seated themselves near to Kate's 'common' family and bottoms around the world plonked on sofas to join in. My son was convinced he spotted Spiderman in the congregation, but I wasn't so convinced...

It's hard to pick a high point. Would it be first sight of the beauty of the Sarah Burton dress? The balcony kisses in front of thousands of flag-waving fans? The "I will" moments?

For me, it was the happy couple riding in horse drawn carriage flanked by the household cavalry and cheered on by crowds of well wishers. It was just so 'British'. It was a patriotic moment.

My son had a street party at school yesterday. He had to decorate a paper plate for display. This is not that plate. We forgot to photograph that one, so I made him make another last night (he was not impressed!). You see, I had it all planned that I would share it with Blogland for the Inspiration Avenue Royal Wedding Challenge. It seemed a bright idea when I set the challenge this week. It's not quite Wedgewood but it's all our own work. However, we were a little disappointed to see the Prince in red after we'd drawn him in RAF blue!

Before I go, and if you're feeling all duey-eyed and romantic after the day's proceedings, you might like to read this - To Marry a Prince by Sophie Page. Bella (another commoner), meets and falls in love with the Prince of Wales - (not Charles, a fictional and much younger one, and let's face it I don't think the country would quite hold with him having wife Number 3!). The adoring feelings are mutual and there follows the inevitable conflicts between young couples the world over as well as those peculiar to those where one of the partnership just happens to be heir to the throne.

I won't spoil the read, although I did feel that the title and front page image did give the game away somewhat... But, as they say, it's all about the journey...


  1. I don't think any Brit could NOT feel terribly proud particualrly when the stirring Jerusalem was sung in the Abbey's splendour.

    Watching it here, stateside was of course not quite as much fun. In fact, except for my friend and I, were the only ones watching it in this hotel lobby. Other later ate breakfast and barely any one even looked at the screen. to be expected though.

    Since then, I have been glued to the internet with my shoddy reception reading every bit of news I can...adn like you, I am not exactly a Royalist either, infact finding most of them anything but Royal, but the ceremony was grand, and history in full display. It was so good to see W so obviously happy with Kate too. Loved that.

  2. Awwwww I love your son's plate..moreso because I can imagine the moans that went behind having to make ANOTHER one! :) Tell him its AWESOME for me please!:)
    Phew, I'm glad I'm not alone in getting swept away by the whole Royal Wedding "thing"! and being glued to the BBC all morning...most surprised by my behaviour :) But it was just tooo lovely to deny :)
    ps. I LOVETY love your playfest pieces. GORGEOUS.....I can hear you jangling from here :)x

  3. I can't be the only person on the planet who didn't watch it lol!? Well, OK, I confess to 10 minutes, just for a quick peek at her frock!

    Love the plate, Lisa, especially the fringing. Your son's drawing is fab and a much nicer souvenir than any Wedgewood! x

  4. I think your son's plate is great. I didn't watch it but for a few minutes. I'm just not into all that "royalty." Tee hee. Have a great weekend.

  5. Your son did a great job on the plate, I might be one of the few that did not watch the festivities but there was no way I was getting up at three am.

  6. Love the plate, even if William is in blue! Good job, and Kate looks so sweet and beautiful!

    Okay, I admit I tuned in even though it was 5 in the morning here. And I have to say, that red uniform was smashing! I love red anyway, and I even got a bit teary to see William and Harry walking side by side into the Abbey. Such wonderful brothers! Had to turn it off soon after the vows were said b/c hubby was making bored noises. Sighs and eye rolling, I didn't feel like putting up with it :)

  7. Your son's plate is adorable! I popped the cork on a bottle of champers, stuck a strawberry in it and sat back and enjoyed the ceremony last night on television...she looked absolutely beautiful, and he very debonair...with all the horrible things happening in the world at the moment, it was joyful to see so many people united in their celebrations...and that's all I'm going to say about that.

  8. Hi there & thanks for dropping by my Paint Party Friday celebration! That plate is ADORABLE much more fun than other souveniers, what a great keepsake of the Wedding :)

  9. It was BEAUTIFUL! She looked stunning! I loved her simple veil! Her dress so pretty!
    Loved the horses and carriages and vintage cars. A lot of fun for a formal affair!

  10. i think that deep down inside us we still hope for a fairy story - we want to believe that even for just a moment that there will be a happy ever after ending - and sometimes if we are lucky and careful with what we have - then we can get that ending.

  11. Your son did such a great job!!! Love it.
    I didn't see the wedding, but tuned to the German news (as I usually do) and saw pictures and three videos - her dress was stunning! So elegant.

  12. The Wedding was amazing!!! I was so thrilled for the Happy this Royal plate tribute!!! beautiful!!!!

    Hope you can join us on Saturdays for "Sweet Saturdays" links....

  13. i confess ... i missed it!! ARGHHHHH!!!!!
    but i did see the photos in the newspapers today :) you know ... i dun wanna be a party pooper, but the whole time looking at the photos ... i wished Diana was there. she would have been so proud.

  14. Your son did a fab job with that plate - well done to him!

    Jessica was glued to the TV, was reading the papers/mags, drawing royal family trees and wedding outfits - really into it. I watched parts of the coverage but was confident that her 9 year old ability to retain facts would fill me in with any missed details. On the other hand, my 7 year old son - not so impressed! Lol.

    Thanks for this fun challenge.
    Kat Xx


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