Monday, 1 April 2013

A is for Apple

I read an old diary the other night that I'd written in my baby son's 'voice'. Diaries are such wonderful things for capturing the emotions, experiences, sights and sounds of your history.

Just by reading the words 'I like to look at picture cards and say what I see', suddenly I was whisked back nine years and could hear my baby voicing the word app-ool. Magic moments.

It wasn't too long before he discovered the words 'why' and 'no thank you' (I brought him up polite!). Now he amazes me with the sheer depth of his vocabulary.

A is therefore also for astonishing and articulate and, of course, adorable!


This is post number 1 in what plans to be a series of 26 over the course of the month inspired by each letter of the alphabet in turn. I'm not planning on making my life too difficult with any sort of theme - I'll just grab each letter by the horns and see where it takes me!

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Speaking of apples, you may also like to watch this delightful advert for the new Carlsberg cider - Somersby. It is sure to bring a smile...


  1. That commercial was super cute! Makes me thirsty :)

  2. It just took me a whole cup of tea to catch up on your last few posts... you have been a busy creative ... and that ad has made my whole morning... great way to start the day ... love the Teal painting too ...xx


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