Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N is for New Post

Well, we're past the half way point of this marathon blogging session and it should all be downhill from now on. However, I confess to sitting and watching a blank screen for some time this evening waiting for inspiration to strike.

I figured if I just started writing that something would come and inevitably it has. But it's an emotion tinged with anger and sadness. As I wrote the word 'marathon' in the opening sentence, I could not help but bring to mind the horrific events in Boston yesterday.

I've never competed in a one of these races, but I have stood on the streets of London and watched that city's marathon several times - and it's always a 'must watch' on TV if I don't make it there in person.

I revelled in the party atmosphere as the crowd cheered on the athletes - a colourful mixture of the professionals, amateurs and 'wish-they'd-never-starteds'. It's an amazing place to be as every wave and voice from the crowd seems to lift those tiring legs as their owners strive for personal bests, fundraising milestones or even just to finish.

Marathons have become as much an occasion to raise money for charity as a sporting event and every year thousands upon thousands are donated and collected for the needy. This atrocity was aimed not just at the poor souls who happened to be in the path of the explosion, but every charitable cause that was represented. It is an evil and cowardice that makes me sick to my gut. It is a pain felt across the globe and for what?

Right now we have no answers to bring any meaning to this tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to the people of Boston and everyone who has been touched in any small way by the actions of those who would bring terror.


  1. Seconded. There is no excuse for some people's actions, but I'm always amazed at the love and compassion that's poured out after such a terrible incident. For as much evil as there is in the world, there's seems to be infinitely more good.

  2. Exactly. Yesterday was a tragedy. Stopping by from A-Z. It's great to meet you.

  3. Such a tragedy. A few horrible people can do a lot of damage, but there were so many heroes there, too. I'm trying to focus on them.

  4. It's hard to imagine what they thought something like that could achieve. Just seems petty and vicious.

    Moody Writing

  5. Thanks for addressing the violence issue here in the USA-Boston Marathon. You can just imagine the discussions people are having here in this country. I am fearful that the violent acts will only intensify. Freedom is something that Americans cherish and it is hard for most of us to even think of not congregating-attending sports and other events. It seems it will take a major change in our lives if we want to experience freedom in the future for ourselves and our children..and that is world-wide as well.


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