Wednesday, 3 April 2013

C is for Croods

Help! I have been pulled back to the age of the hunter/gatherer. I am obsessed with amassing strawberries, leaves, bones and fish. I am developing RSI from tapping the screen. I can't stop myself. I have to increase production, evolve and build the latest stone-age accessory...

It's as bad as those darned angry birds. My name is Lisa Wright and I am addicted to playing the Croods.

Is this a conspiracy by Rovio to halt worldwide production as slowly, one by one nations of this planet become consumed by the need to complete Gran's chores and make soup for Ugga? Are Rovio in fact an alien nation so sophisticated with intelligence that they have realised that they don't need fighter space ships or monstrous creatures to take over a planet - they just need a simple game to zombify its inhabitants. Soon we will all be hunting and gathering for our new masters from the planet Rovio...

I need to get out now while I still can...

Blogging from A - Z. C is for Crood.


  1. Fun words that you're coming up with. Enjoy the challenge!

    Play off the Page

  2. You know, I've heard of this game but not played it or even Angry Birds for that matter!

  3. I have an addiction to MahJong playing long into the wee hours of the night when I should be creating (or better yet, sleeping) trying to get a better time than the last round...just one more, I lie to myself!

    I understand, you are not alone ;)


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