Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Ubuntu

At the Call of the Wild Soul Retreat last September we were introduced to the concept of ubuntu by the beautiful Katariina Fabering. Originating from Southern Africa, ubuntu can best be described as a way of being - connectedness and kindness. It is summed up perfectly in this clip by Nelson Mandela. He describes a scenario where a traveller would arrive in a village and be looked after because it was the right thing to do.

In many ways ubuntu symbolises the community that has developed as a result of that retreat. From the moment I stepped across the threshold of Croydon Hall, hidden deep in the Somerset countryside, I felt welcome and a sense of belonging.

Long after we returned, we remain (thanks to Facebook) connected. Through this medium we are offering support and friendship for no other reason other than we want to. It's a safe and welcoming place where we are all improving ourselves.

Thank you Erin Faith Allen for bringing us together.

For me ubuntu is sincerity, collaboration, community, warmth and a sense of belonging. What does it mean to you?

Read more here on wikipedia.


  1. I love this word, Lisa...and the meaning even more!
    A universal philosophy that could only make us better people :)

  2. Thanks for introducing us to this word and concept. In a world that's increasingly confusing where we never really know what the right thing to do is, it's nice to be reminded that kindness and caring are always the right thing.


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