Thursday, 25 November 2010

Feeling the pressure

Art and a blog post every day for a month... Well, we're on the home straight but some days are clearly easier than others - today being one of the latter. I do have good excuses. I mean I am working hard and throwing all my energy into what pays the bills. I really don't have anything to post today, but can't let this mission slip, so I'll show you the next stage of my latest work in progress. Admittedly, all I've done today is put a layer of paint on her hair (which took about 30 seconds), but it's still art... and the day is yet young, there may be more later... I've also created a poster for work in Photoshop, so I am sure that counts too ;).

My lady of the pink hair is now comfortably ensconced on her blue background and she can see out of both eyes. I'm not quite sure what next steps are... A layer of paint on her face for sure; work on her hippy headband; addition of a flower; depth and shadow to her tresses and more blending with the background. I'm also thinking freckles...

What do you think? What would you do?


  1. I think your colours are stunning - don't do too much, she's beautiful!

  2. I just love her and I agree...freckles would be wonderful here.

    Hope you are enjoying your day - Thanksgiving here in the states.

    Thanks to you for your sweet comments and for inspiring me again and again with your wit and art!

    Hugs and smiles

  3. I really like her, Lisa. LOVE the perfect colour of red that you chose and her eyes - captivating. I'm all about eyes! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs

  4. I think she is gorgeous..she has nice red hair like Jane Goldman!

  5. She is lovely! freckles would be cute but she is fine as she is too!

  6. I love her! Her hair and face are beautiful. Freckles are always adorable, but she doesn't need them if you don't want to add them.

  7. oh she's lovely and I LOVE the red hair, I think she's gorgeous. I agree depth and shadow in the hair would really make her pop, lovely piece! Can't wait to see what you do with her next! :0)


Thank you for your comments - I always love to hear what you think :)

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