Monday, 15 November 2010

Why I love Take That (and am proud to admit it!)

OK, 'fess up. Who watched the Take That documentary on Saturday night and the big X-Factor reunion? There's something so appealing about these five 'boys' that keeps them close to the nation's hearts. The fact that we'd even call a group of men all pushing (or just pushed) 40 'boys' says it all.

I think one of the reasons I love them so much is that they are my age. They're my peers, we grew up together and we've been seen life. We've had the highs, the lows, the love and broken relationships, the inner turmoils, career conflicts and we've all come out the other side. OK, so I haven't exactly had the cash, global adulation and fame, but hey at least I can go to Tesco without being recognised that often!

I've written a lot about turning 40 this year. Eight months later and I'm finally starting to get to grips with it. I look at Take That and see the lines forming around the eyes, the pounds that crept on here and there but I realise it doesn't matter. I look at Take That and see a band of 'men' of a certain age that sell 1 million concert tickets in one day, whose album will sell millions in the run up to Christmas (and according to the cashier in Tesco this morning as I grabbed my sweaty hands on my copy - "It's been flying off the shelves"). I see confidence and belief in ability. I see bravery, creativity and comfort within their own skins. It's nothing to do with age. It's knowing what you want and then going out and grabbing it. Then, when it's in your hands, recognising that and enjoying every second.

Robbie's decision to rejoin the band after 15 years and a solo career to rival any rock legend was, in my eyes, a great example of this. As a fan of all of them, it seemed the logical next step. Take That as a five-piece, then a four piece likewise achieved more than many stars ever dream of. What other move could they have made now that the bridges are not just mended but apparently glowing with the freshest coat of protective all-weather paint.

Long may it continue for us all! Although I don't think I'll be headlining a Stadium tour next summer (but I will certainly be attending one!).

The album, by the way, is rather good. Better than the last with the returning Robbie clearly making his mark.

(Apologies to those from foreign climes that have missed out on Take That mania over the years and haven't a clue what I am wittering on about - you just don't know what you've been missing!)

PS - Still doing my Art Every Day - just nothing in a finished enough state to post - lots of ripping up of newspapers going on right now!


  1. Oh thank you for keeping me company in my deep affection for the boys from TT! I know I am far too old to adore them but I just do! My family are very understanding but probably do think I am a little batty and my wonderful husband bought 4 tickets for Wembley for my three daughters and I in the summer and I am so looking forward to it! I love you Take That and always will!!!

  2. Oh, this is so sad. I can't relate to this at all, being much older. But..I really like the fact that you can and I think you should go for it! If they were my peers, I know I would!
    Go, Lisa!

  3. Hey, Lisa! I turned 40 three years ago and had a mental not that bad but I took it hard. Then I had a revelation....I figured that everyone...not only me...was getting older and I was happy to be alive, healthy and happy. So.....41 was much

  4. yay Lisa..I love them and Robbie..he is awesome!
    and as for turning 40..yay..congrats! I am 39..and am very excited to turn! the 40's are the most powerful age for many women i look forward to owning even more joy and creative power in my life! I never look at age/numbers..I think life is like a blink of an eye..and withut our birthday..well... we would be dead! ha ha!

    so the good news is..with our birthdays we are alive! 4o's will be great..wait for me..we will have some bloggy fun..and the realm of the 40' s will be magnificent!!

  5. Thank you ladies - I feel so much better!

  6. I wasn't sure at all to begin with and then when they started singing I was swept up in the excitement, how excited they were, how excited my 12 year old self was. It was strangely emotional too. All in all, awesomeness!

    And poor JLS and Westlife, way to get totally upstaged within 15 minutes of being on stage by the original boy band. Bless them.

    Great post!

  7. It was a great documentary. And yes, I know what you mean about them being older and having grown up with them. Sort of makes me feel that if they can keep growing, learning and creating then so can I. And they look pretty damn fine! LOL. Kat :-)


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