Thursday, 18 November 2010

Total Wipeout

I was not a pretty sight this morning. 14 hours in my bed and most of those spent asleep and feverish has that effect on a girl's hair and the brightness of her eyes.
I am afraid the lurgy got me - you know - the kind that drives steamrollers and carries hammer-drills, then turns your muscles to mush and makes your clothes hurt.

Fear not, I am on the road to recovery - and amazingly a kilo lighter too. As I have signed up to Art Every Day and Blog Posts Every day Month, and am not one to shy away from such commitments. Here I am having dragged myself out of my sick bed to create something...

Well, OK, I do feel a lot better and can highly recommend a 14 hour sojourn under a duvet if you can get it. The sofa is calling me now though and promises a bit of trash TV. The question is - are we going for some Zombie watching with The Walking Dead or shall we see what bargains Kirstie Allsopp turns into chic decorations in her home made home? Decisions decisions.

My artistic contribution today was how I looked this morning - hair in a tangle and decidedly green around the gills. Although, thinking about it, I actually seem to resemble an extra in the cast of the aforementioned zombie drama... That's it. Decision made. I'm watching Kirstie!


  1. Hope you feel better too..Zombies eh? how bout Shaun of the dead? too funny! Get all shiny and sparkly real soon...and play!
    Till relax..hang out with soem Zombies..just get better! Great art too!

  2. I laughed at your piece because I have felt this way. it's perfect!!
    Feel better!!

  3. Ohh I love it, this is the best portrait of sickness I have ever seen, is it ok that it makes me laugh!, your picture that is ...not your sickness. I do hope you feel better soon and the couch sounds like a lovely place to be today, a bit gloomy here.

    I havent commented for so long, but I am watching now and then.

    love it love it love it.

    Im wondering if you should change this to your profile picture!! it is rather becoming xxx

    wishing you health and a hair brush


  4. I know the feeling!!! (Thankfully not recently) So happy you are on the mend! She is perfect for today!

    @Sheree - health and a hair brush!! LOL!!

  5. Awwwww your girl is perfect for the way you felt. I love her and her hair. I look like that every morning LOL. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Art every day? Blog post every day? I think I'd look about like that without anything else going on.

    Feel well soon.


  7. Oh! Where we draw inspiration from sometimes! The well is deep! So sorry to hear you are ill. But sounds like you are on the mend and have retained (at the very least) your sense of humour. Soldier on!

  8. Lisa, you're so funny--I'm glad you're on the road to recovery. :)

  9. Feel better quick, Lisa ! That crazy humor and the will to create should help get you there faster !
    Happy Vegging !

  10. This explains it! Now I understand why I haven't heard from you. Oh, sounds like you have had a time of it. I hope you are on the mend now. Knock on wood, I never get sick..knock on wood on wood on wood..........
    Your painting truly depicts the way you must feel. You did the exact right thing..bed rest!

  11. Now this is what I call making lemonade out of lemons. Hilarious and wonderful. Feel better

  12. Quite delightful sketch... :-)
    Hope you feel better soon - this is just the time for nasty attacks on our health. Take it slowly!

  13. Gosh! You manage to make the dreaded lurgy sound so eloquent! LOL! Hope you feel better soon.

    Ro xx

  14. I love this drawing...and I am jealous of your Brit TV shows...I love what BBC we can get here...the humor is just so much more sophisticated.


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