Sunday, 14 November 2010

Introducing an upcoming artist

Top billing today goes to a visiting artist. May I present Sky-Blue by Jessica Wright (no relation!). Jessica, a young artist aged just 8 years old, was inspired to create her after meeting 'Lily' on my blog last week. She left me such kind words that I knew Lily would find a happy home with her, so she slipped herself in an envelope and headed off to the South West.

A few days later and Sky-Blue landed on my doorstep. Isn't she lovely - just look at those adorable details from the paintbrushes in her pocket to the orange and red Argyle socks.

So, thank you Jessica. You cannot know how chuffed I am that my drawing inspired you so!

Well, it wouldn't be Sunday without a post for Sunday Sketches (well, actually it would, but let's not get in the way of artistic licence!). Here we have The Snow Queen, a coloured pencil sketch I did over a wintry magazine scene with a touch of acrylic and some sparkling powder added here and there.

Not many have seen the The Snow Queen for she hides in the dwindling ancient forests and only shows herself to the true believers. Sometimes I think I see her but then I realise she's just a pattern in the birch bark or shadows in the snow. She guards the trees as they winter, then sprinkles her magic on the earth in the New Year that sprouts and renews come Spring.


  1. What a great feeling it must inspire a budding artist.
    Hooray, Jessica!

    And your piece isn't too shabby either, Lisa ;)
    I like painting over a pretty background, too.

  2. It's amazing what an 8 years old child can draw, Sky - Blue is wonderful!!! Congratulations to little Jessica and of course to you that inspired her!!!
    As for your Snow Queen... she is beautifull, i wish i meet her sometime in the forest!!
    Happy Sunday

  3. Jessica is very talented for her age, It is so nice to see young people being inspired. Love your snow queen. I am going to have to try and get more texture into my backgrounds.

  4. oh how wonderful re inspiration. That is really cool.
    Your snow queen is beautiful!

  5. Wow..gorgeous work..I love her Lisa..what a haunttning spirit full of mystique!

    And wonderful to meet this new budding artist too..fabulous..wonderful work!!

  6. Sky-Blue is cute!
    Love the way your words complete the picture with a story. It gives s sense of wholeness, deep and full of life.

  7. What precious gifts, all of the heart! I just love the magic of the internet!
    Gorgeous new creation too ~ wonderful!

  8. Beautiful job Lisa and Jessica!

    The Snow Queen is fabulous in her chameleon like effect! Very well done!

  9. Love your Snow Queen! And Jessica's Sky Blue is wonderful!

  10. Love the inspiration passed around my daughter keeps showing up with a painting in one of the sunday sketch artists style's too i note! Your drawing and Jessica's are fabulous!

  11. oh wow...both of these are great...great use of colors jessica...and yours the textures....

  12. Isn't it inspiring to have someone want to make art after seeing something that you created. Jessica's is beautiful and she was so careful with the details.

    I love your Snow Queen too.

  13. Loving this girl lisa - I especially love all the details in the background - you have made incredible trees here! She looks exactly like what you intended - magical!


  14. oh what a sweet story that you inspired Jessica. I love that!!! how cool that you sent her your work...what a great connection.
    AND, i just LOVE the beautiful snow queen you have created here. I love the white birch trees she's playing in...great words to accompany her, too....I am awaiting her first visit in my neck of the woods! xxoo happy sunday

  15. super is that to have inspired someone else, Lisa? :) Adore Jessica's sketch!!

    And I love your snow queen and the pendant hanging around her neck. Thank you for participating each week. It is a blessing to me to be a part of a great group of friends and sketchers. :)

  16. Awwww what a lovely post, a great story, so nice that you have inspired her and it sounds like she has inspired you too! Lovely sketch by Jessica and your snow Queen is beautiful! What a great idea sketching over a magazine picture!!! Love it!

  17. We've been out all day celebrating Jessica's Birthday (which is tomorrow but she'll be at school for much of it). By the time I got on the internet & read your email Jessica was fast asleep.

    What a lovely post - you've no idea how happy she'll be reading this tomorrow. What a lovely Birthday present. And to read all the wonderful comments left by other people. If she makes it as an artist and writer (like at the moment she wants to) I feel sure she'll be remembering and crediting you as an early inspiration :-)

    Thank you so much Lisa. I'm really excited to show Jessica your post tomorrow.

    Well I best get off to bed as the Birthday girl is likely to wake very early. Lol.

    Kat (aka Jessica Wright's proud Mum :-))

  18. Wow! Jessica's art work is beautiful!

    love your snow queen, brilliant!

    Ro xx

  19. I'm really impressed with Jessica's art! Your snow queen is wonderful too! How cool that you inspired a young artist!

  20. I love both of the portraits! I can see why the young lady was so inspired!

  21. Awww, what a fantabulous exchange!! Love it!

  22. oh how touching and wonderful!!! I love when children are inspired and I love when they fit art into their lives...pure magic!!!!

  23. Jessica has been reading this with a big grin on her face. Nice Birthday surprise for her this morning. Thank you all.

    Kat :-)

  24. What a talented little girl! I am sure you have inspired her even further by posting this and sending her your artwork. Children need people like you to keep inspiring them.

    Your artwork reminds me of an old children's book illustration, the colors are beautiful and the subject has been drawn out so well. The background also ties in to make it look even more amazing.

  25. The process you went through for your snow queen fascinates me... it is beautiful!

    And I think you are very lucky to have someone as fabulous as Sky-Blue show up on your doorstep (and pretty great that Lily found her way to Jessica ;) )


  26. Wow...two great pieces of art!!
    What a brilliant idea to paint on a magazine page; I love it! You have inspired me.....


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