Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Finished! and... a collaboration...

Well look at me - a whole month of blog posting and art. Yup, every single day my fingers ran across this keyboard, picked up pencils, splashed paint and played in Photoshop. What an adventure!

You know, it really was. I'll admit that the blog posts were far harder than the art. Art can after all be a doodle, a dab, a splash (not that it was ever just that to be honest - I always got far too carried away!). I did learn though that sometimes we make our best art when we just play and don't try too hard.

Of course, we can't let this month go by without some more serious introspection. Why do I love art and blogging so much? Is it escapism? Well, it certainly stops me noticing the housework that needs doing! More seriously though sometimes I wonder if my dreams of creating my own art business and my focus on constant improvement and learning are not an excuse for avoiding more difficult things - like trying to find new business for my 'day job'.

I was a networking event mid-month and going through the usual spiel about what I do. By day I am an internal communications specialist, a corporate journalist, a creator of presentations - but I also confessed my dreams of becoming an artist. The lady I was talking to told me that when I talked about my painting, my whole face lit up, she said she could see the passion burning inside of me. I know for sure that creating something from coloured water and a sheet of paper makes me feel so wonderful - a narcotic for the soul to which I am truly addicted. Is there any hope?

There's no reason why I can't do both of course and that's the plan. I see myself running a little portfolio of businesses - all focused around some form of creation.

So perhaps, it's OK to keep up this dream; to search for enough hours in the day to make it work! I do really believe that if you write down your goals you will reach them. A few weeks ago, I put out an idea into the blogosphere of doing a guest post somewhere and guess what... It happened! This very day you can see my collaboration with 'Healing Woman' Cheryl Dolby. She creates the most wonderful sculptures and jewellery and I've written a little story to go alongside one of them. Do pop along and let us know what you think!

Finally finished this piece I started last week. A little bit here, a little bit there. Really pleased with the finished outcome.


  1. ~always dream...you will become what you wish to be...an artist you are...we witness it here daily...your passion...your desire...your talent...the gift you behold in the palm of your hands!!! congrats to you on completing this journey...she above is quite stunning and almost a sheepishly pleased look upon her face...i wish you well and brightest blessings upon you always~

  2. I was just at Cheryl's--the 2 of you coming together was magic!! Both pieces of art--hers and your narrative story!
    P.S. Your lady turned out awesome!

  3. Lisa, It was such a pleasure working with you on this project. I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to future collaborations! It's amazing to think we can accomplish so much these days by e-mail. What a gift you have!

  4. She's perfect! So beautiful.

  5. Inspiring post - Awesome painting! My motto, never put your dreams on hold!!! I just keep plugging away! It is slow but each year I look back and see that I have gotten myself alittle bit closer!
    cheers, dana

  6. Of course you can do it all, Lisa ! You are doing it all right (wright ?) this minute ! Dreams for the future are great but it is this sweet day to day living that we can know about for sure. You are combining things that pay the bills yet still have a creative edge and your more free, creative artist inside to make a sweet life for yourself. How perfect is that ?! And on top of it all, you are connecting to others who are striving to do the same thing for themselves. Ahhhh, life is good. ;)
    Brava for the month long dedication to blogging and arting. It is a wonderful accomplishment !
    hugs for one of your fans !

  7. truly lovely piece of work :)

  8. Congratulations on keeping up with aedm every day. It has been a fab experience for me too. Indeed one of the highlights was connecting with you and subsequently seeing my daughter so inspired.

    Beautiful piece of art. I love the flame like hair and the head piece. I shall check out your collaboration next.

    I truly believe you should follow your dreams and passions because I think that when your face lit up it was something deep inside of you shining at the recognition of its importance. You never know where life will take you but more and more I'm learning to listen to my intuition and its taking me to good places. I seems your intuition is telling you how important your creative work is. My advice would be to trust in that good feeling. It may not take you directly where you want to go but it will eventually.

    Kat X

  9. The final outcome is fabulous!! (Love the feathers!

    "I'll admit that the blog posts were far harder than the art." I am SO with you on that!! Looking fwd to weekly check-ins again.

    I think you can do both!

    I think we all need to follow what lights our faces up!

  10. Wow, the painting is beautiful! Visiting from AEDM and can't believe the month is already over... I think there's something amazing about the collective creative energy...

  11. This one is stunning, your art is getting better and better. Keep that dream alive, take a look at where you were a year ago. Life truly has hanged for you. You are more of an artist than you were then.Yes you can be both as Kim says you are already doing that. Bravo for doing the art and posting all month, that is quite an accomplishment. Celebrate it!

  12. Wow..I love her..Super beautiful and brilliant Lisa..sooo gorgeous! I also checked out your wonderful collaboration..awesome!!!!..shine on girl!
    Hugs and sparkles..

  13. Wonderful painting and yay for you guest posting. Good luck on all your art filled endeavors and happy last day of AEDM!

  14. Stunning painting and congrats on creating every day!

  15. Congratulations on finishing the blogging and art everyday for the month!!! I love the progression this piece has taken!
    Awesome collaboration with Cheryl! I loved your story and I wanted to read more! LOL
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Your artwork is beautiful, and so are your aspirations! I wish you success and happiness in whatever you do! Glad to have met you on AEDM!

  17. Lisa, she is gorgeous! Well done...I am impressed with your challenge. You know what? Someone said to me yesterday that you sow the seeds now to reap the rewards later on, and I honestly believe that is what you are doing. The way you described your face lighting up is how I feel too! Something comes alive in me when I am nurturing my creativity. I think you and me are on our true paths....

  18. This is really a special piece. I can see the joy in it- it has heart and soul. I totally get how you're viewing your art and creativity and sometimes I see it as a guilty pleasure also. But life really is short and shouldn't we do what we love if no one is being neglected or hurt by it?? Popping over to Healing Woman. Way to go with the everyday art commitment!

  19. What a beautiful collaboration! So glad you enjoyed the experience.

  20. You're getting better and better with your girl painting. Bravo! Well Done! ;)

  21. This is a really cool piece. I like the touch of the real feathers :)
    yup writing the blog for me was a harder than the art and house work truly suffered more than before lol

  22. She is beautiful!

    Congrats on making it every day through AEDM!

    Good luck with all your dreams and goals!


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