Monday, 29 November 2010

Nearly there...

Day 29 of blog posting and art every day. Today is the first day when I really don't have a clue what to write about. In fact, it's fair to say I feel rather mopey, so I'll just post this work in progress.

Tomorrow I plan some grand reflection on the month - a spot of analysis and introspection. Tonight all I want to do is watch 'I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here' on the telly. Sometimes it just has to be done...

I might just hold a pencil near some paper and see if anything happens... Or perhaps a cold compress on the forehead may be a better bet. If I was a Victorian lady of means, I might have an attack of the vapours.


  1. Hi Lisa...what a beautiful piece of art..her face is stunning and here eye very soulful and mystical! Beautiful!
    Enjoy the telly..
    And wishing you new wonderful seeds of creation you journey into the realm of introspection!

  2. Writer's and painter's block seems like that is going around. It sure has affected me. Oh your WIP looks wonderful and I really love your color before drawing in previous post. Nice! :-)

  3. Lovely work in progress, it's look neat with the hair being defined by a few wispy lines.

  4. ~a beautiful work in progress...i do hope you enjoy just veggin' out tonight and your spirits be lifted tomorrow when you well...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

  5. Post-holiday letdown, I bet, plus the knowledge of what's coming up in the next five weeks! Never hurts to just listen to yourself and follow your inner guide, even if it's not what you had planned with your intellectual self. Love your comment re the Victorian lady! Bet it even made you smile to write it, didn't it? :-)

  6. Aww Lisa hope you feel brighter soon. had a couple of days like that myself last week - I went and painted a picture and did some sewing, then I did some baking. Felt much better after that. But sometimes you just need to watch TV, snuggle and chill!

    Love the girlie btw


  7. 29 days of art so far. I think even a few days is a challenge to me. Your drawing is awesome and I love the colors you have used on her skin.

  8. Lovely!! Reminds me of me yesterday!!

  9. Lovely work! I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather. Kick your feet up and relax tonight!

  10. Hi, I love her pose. you definitely deserve a nght to relax.... day 29 of art every day and you've got to be tired!
    thanks for the info on Tam's january class. i might join you...we will see. i know i would enjoy it, just those darn nerves...he he he.

  11. She is very beautiful and special. The glorious white caught my eye. She has a sense of purity and light. Elegant art Lisa!

  12. Sometimes the art is enough!!! Sometimes its the word!
    cheers, dana


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