Monday, 1 November 2010

Doing battle

The battle lines are drawn (with an HB pencil) and the ranks are massing. A number of skirmishes have already taken place with minor injuries on both sides but neither has established an advantage.

Lisa and Lola glare at each other, frown, grimace and smile. Colours spark from eyes then fade away and just as it looks one has the advantage then they back down.

I'm having a fight with my painting. Lola the showgirl is having a strop. She doesn't like her outfit, she wishes she wasn't facing full on, but would prefer just her right (best) side. Too late now I murmer as I attempt to bring some life into her features. The strobe lights are confusing the lighting. Someone mixed grey into her make up and she looks like a corpse. She just won't smile.

I'm sorry Lola but you had your to chance to be young and beautiful but you just wouldn't cooperate would you? We're moving instead to the later stages of the song - the bit where you're all jaded in your faded feathers. Yes, that will teach you my lady.... Showgirl indeed....

I hope to have her finished to post in time for The Three Muses challenge on Wednesday, but her face has just disappeared under another coat of white and her sparkly bikini-style top has become a black velvet dress, so who knows what she'll be looking like this time tomorrow. She may have to wait for a 'living dead' theme from some other challenge! I blame too much Halloween...

Postscript: I have just discovered that Leah Piken Kolidas is hosting Art Every Day for the month of November. Naturally I couldn't let this pass me by so have signed up. Here is today's! Anyone can join, so grab your pencils and paints and I'll see you over there.


  1. Very entertaining post. My art is alive to me as well and we don't always agree. Sometimes I have to let the other win and they are usually right.

  2. You are going to be one busy girl with all these challenges you've got going on. I thought my plate was full! Loved the post!!
    I'm wishing both of us luck!! xoxo

  3. So glad you joined in! I'm sure the struggle was hard, but it was certainly fun to read about. :-)

  4. Oh Lola, great stuff! I see in your post below that you do Illustration Friday also, sweet.

  5. That's what I love about creating. As I said before, you just have to "play it til it sings."
    Sometimes that song is not forthcoming very easily though. Loved your little battle story.

  6. A great fun imaginative post! I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your blog. What a talented lady you are! Except for the talent (which I don't have in the same way as you) & apart from the 'Wright' name we also seem to have plenty of creative interests in common. Thanks for stopping by my blog - good to discover you.
    Kat :-)

  7. Super lovely.!!!..geat post..and ooh link ..I shall check it out..thanks!


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