Saturday, 20 November 2010

Height restrictions apply

Thank goodness for height restrictions, or I would have been dragged into experiences beyond my wildest imaginings this afternoon. As it was, I return from the fairground having been shaken, tumbled, spun and wrung. Gone are the days when my little boy was content to go on the kiddie rides while Mum gazed on at her cute little bubba riding the little car.

No, these days we've moved up a gear. It's "all children must be accompanied by adults" territory now my friends and you know what that means... Yes, Mummy terrified and clinging on a white knuckle ride while small boy has the time of his life. The things we do for our kids eh?

OK, actually it was fun (if a little on the death-defying side). The adrenaline kicked in as we span and bounced and we squealed with delight trying to outdo the deafening cacophany of dance music. We got tangled in the house of fun, gained and lost a few pounds in the hall of mirrors and managed to hook a duck for some plastic tat.

A good time had by all. Oh and I'm definitely the better driver on the dodgems!

PS - Still doing Art Every Day, just haven't had time to take pictures today. Been making lots of sticky papier mache type things.


  1. You're a brave woman! My time on the roller coaster is definitely over!

  2. You are so daring! I know you are just getting over the "crude" and now you are out with your child at the fair..what a good mom you are!!!

  3. Yay sounds like a super fun day...rock on daredevil woman!

  4. it sounds like you had an awesome time, lol!
    What a great way to spend the day with your son, and I know he will remember this time together...even if you were turned upside down a few times, lol!


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