Saturday, 4 February 2012


My life right now is a series of layers. I'm an onion, although that sounds a bit tearful and smelly. Perhaps I'm a layer cake? Yes, I like that - much sweeter!

If you looked at my office desk now you would see some serious evidence of layering. What you get is a cross section of everything going on in my brain. I am having some seriously exciting business ideas as a result of taking Hello Soul. Hello Business with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls and around 300 inspiring women (interesting how we are all female!). I have paper scribbled with ideas and calculations, marketing plans, to do lists. It's mind mapping gone wild.

My diary is underneath my sketchbook and the log book from my new car. My diary has rather a long list of items that need ticking off for today. Strictly speaking writing a blog post should not be top of the agenda... but it is Saturday... and I so wanted to enter The Butterfly Challenge's Layers week. I am such a layer lover when it comes to paint. More on this in a moment.... Back to the desk...

So, there are at three paintings, a book of love poetry, a rose that is crying out to be sketched, a memory stick with items that require downloading, a pile of unopened letters (they looked boring), a cuddly snowman, post it notes, pens, a card from Amy, wireless headphones and assorted notebooks (plus a thin layer of dust).

The floor is covered in paper. There are notes stuck to the walls and piles of filing dotted around. It is complete and utter ORGANISED chaos! Honest!

Back to this painting. I rather love it I have to confess. It began life as some random red and brown scrapings and corrugated cardboard prints made using up palette paint. The brighter bands of colour were added with a brayer then a few splatterings and scatterings of this and that to add more interest.

Right, blog post done. Back to the mind mapping and business planning! I'm very excited!!! Watch this space...


  1. At least your chaos is well organised. I love the translucency of your layers:)

  2. Great layers, Lisa! Love the dust one. :))) Looks like you're really enjoying the buisiness course, too. :)

  3. Winter is a good time for layering. Many different meanings to it. I also love the new layered piece you created. The colors certainly will brighten any dull day.

    That new business group you are associated with must be throwing ideas at you left and seem so inspired!

  4. we organize in the same way i see!
    girl after my own heart.

    i think of you every time i gobble down marmite with a spoon.


  5. i just left you a comment but it was eaten up by the internet gods.

    forget it.
    my important words are lost forever.

  6. Alas, as much as I wish I could blame it on the course, that is my normal way of operating...but it does seem worse, somehow!

  7. haha... sounds just like the life of an artist!!! Keep on keepin on!!! That's how brilliance is born!

  8. Your desk sounds perfectly lovely to me. :)

    Love the layers of your painting. :)

  9. um, when were you at my house? ;-) xoxox

  10. Your desk sounds just like my workspace - perfect, that is. I love layers as well, including the ones in your painting.
    Wow, it sounds like HSHB really gets you going - good for you!!!

  11. I do my best work surrounded by chaos! Great post!

  12. Oh my, we are messy desk sisters, for sure!! Yep, that dust is collecting around me too, and under all the chairs and more. Yikes! Back to the HSHB classroom :o)
    x, Val

  13. clean desks are for people who don't do anything :)

    Love the way you can see through those layers and the way those colors blend.


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