Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Raindrops on roses

...and whiskers on kittens... What are my favourite things?

Well, artistically speaking, I am rather partial to drawing a face over some kind of multi-layered background so this is what you get..

I also love stories - romantic adventures with a hint of magic. What do you suppose is going on in this piece. Can you see the lady in the background looking into her mirror? Once she whispers the magic words, it won't be her reflection gazing back at her... Oh no...

The Butterfly Effect have asked us to share our favourites from a mix of questions. These were my personal favourites from their list of favourites!

What's your favourite bird to dress up in a parade?
Well, something very beautiful with lots of coloured feathers in its tail and a stunning headdress, iridescent shimmers would reflect the Brazilian sunlight (well, seriously, if I'm making all this effort, I might as well do it in an appropriate location - and Notting Hill Carnival just doesn't quite cut it). Long legs, an elegant neck and a subtle beak (nothing too flamingo - that's just so last season!).

What's my favourite pet quality that I would like to own?
Sometimes I am most envious of my cats. They just loll around the house moving from one cosy spot to another. They are fed and pampered. I think that disdain would be a great quality. The sense of ownership and being the one in charge.

What's your favourite drink to accidentally spill on a person you like?
Well, I want them to like me right back so I'd have to go for the safest option of water. But then that's not really very adventurous is it? Do you mean like or like anyway. If I really liked them, then maybe champagne - there's something about the bubbles...

What's your favourite song to sing in the shower?
Well, I don't know about the shower, but anything by Meatloaf goes down very well on the motorway of a morning!

Which favourite book character would I take on a lonely island with me?
Elizabeth Bennett. I always thought we would get along rather well and she could tell me all the bits about Mr Darcy that Jane Austen missed out!


Shh... What's that? Did you hear it?

Ah yes, it's clearer now - it's just my bed calling. Night night my bloggy friends.


  1. Ahhh, Lisa. SO LOVED learning more about you. Thank you for sharing and yes, Elizabeth Bennett is a favourite as well.

    Hugs :)

    BEAUTIFUL painting. Admire you.

  2. Love your faces, Lisa! They are one of my favorites. :)I could totally see you in feathers dancing to samba di janeiro :) Thanks for playing along. :)

  3. Oh Lisa I love your faces so much! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm suffering from a really bad case of artistic block at the moment but I think seeing this piece has kick started some inspiration for me, thank you so much!!! oxoxox

  4. ....and this is why your Blog is one of my favorite things :)

  5. She is beautiful and goes so well with your glimpse into you here - thank you for that. xxoo

  6. Beautiful work and it si so interesting to peer into the layers.

  7. She's lovely and pensive, and I can see magic happening in that mirror!

    Interesting questions ~ and answers!

  8. Lisa. Lisa. Lisa! This is such a beautiful work of art! Oh my...I am now in the mood to layer layer layer papers and paint a face! Nice work girl!

    I love that song..Raindrops on Roses...fun questions and answers.

    Meatloaf, huh? I never would have guessed that one. : )

  9. disdain is a great answer! It always cracks me up when my cat gives me that look. love that little lady with the mirror.

  10. you are so inspiring to me with your gorgeous faces...everytime I go to your blog, I currently want to paint :-)...but can hear like you the little wispering comes from my bed... so I had to indulge for today... but tomorrow...!!!

  11. LOL "flamingo is so last season" :D
    Your image is totally beautiliscious! :D XXX

  12. Love LOVE this artwork & your Q & A... now Meatloaf... how did I forget him as a fav (?)... knew I liked you :)

  13. She is absolutely stunning...magnificent work..a strong piece!

  14. Great answers and beautiful lady! Meatloaf is great road music! And road music is often so different from one's usual style...


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