Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Accidental Art - a Challenge!

Sometimes we labour for hours over a piece, only to screw it up or paint over it in disgust. Other occasions see the paint float across the canvas as if Turner was holding the brush. Then there's those pieces that just appear almost by themselves, like this one.

What do you see? I absolutely love the layers in this piece. Is it perhaps a view through a rainy car window in the city at night? A wild party at the paint factory?

Nah, it's none of those... It's my palette paper after a spot of art journling - working off excess paint from the brayer! And yes, I was happier with this than the journal page!

Might make a good art challenge - especially one over the Christmas period when we are all so busy with other stuff. Go on, share with me your accidental art and let's see what is lurking in the cupboards and drawers! Can't wait...


  1. Simply beautiful. If I get chance - I'm In!

  2. A standard practice with painting is to scrape away and start afresh - but responding to the traces of what was left behind. Frank Aurbach uses this technique exhaustively.

    See my posts on painting with John skinner - and look at the video, it is stunning if you watch what happens at the end


  3. That's a great film - pity we can't see inside his mind too to spot the flashes of inspiration.

  4. Hi! Great photos and recent posts! I have to tell you, WS, I really like your profile. "I amgoing to be a writer"--so there, you said it! Great conviction...Way to go! Happy Holidays to you.

  5. Oh oh oh I wanna too!! Can I offer up a sketch page..full of doodles? Is that what you mean? How fun...
    I see two faces whispering to each other, a sweet ren bird in prayer..a beach scene with an umbrella...and a couple of fish. I love this one..beautiful. Makes you wonder what the mind is doing when we are not paying attention!
    Whoot, Sarah

  6. The piece is beautiful !!

    Wish you Merry Christmas !


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