Monday, 21 December 2009

Constructing a link back to childhood

I have discovered something rather funny; a little quirk to my personality that I had completely forgotten about... I love Lego! Clearly my son has inherited this characteristic for it is his obsession that has taken me back to the wonders of childhood architecture.

"I think you're Bob the Builder" he announced yesterday as we reached the half way point of police station construction. Indeed, perhaps I am, but I don't need a crew of machines or endless cups of tea to assist with my building enterprises. No way. I just roll up my sleeves and get stuck in there.

These sets have come a long way since my collection fitted in a 10 inch square tupperware container. I thought myself the height of sophistication because I had a door and windows with blue shutters no less... Now, we have a fully equipped police station complete with water cooler and coffee pot. Satellite dishes spin on the roof picking up the radio transmissions and keeping the coppers inside in touch with the villainry on the outside. Wanted posters grace the office walls and the interrogation room boasts a mean looking angle-poise and state of the art tape recorder - perfect to caputuring those hard fought confessions.

Cells come complete with all the facilities - including toilet paper (I can't tell if it's soft or scratchy though). Large keys hang temptingly outside the bars but these fortunate brigands don't need to worry about locks. No, they have it sussed. A little device outside allows their cell wall to completely fall off, creating the perfect means for escape.

Will they make it safely across the carpet before the dog picks up the trail or the motorbike and police vans are scrambled. It's all happening...

Great fun. Great fun. Now, what can I build next?


  1. Lego's really are a lot of fun. I loved playing with them with my daughter when she was young. I miss it.


  2. i use to LOVE lego too! they are so so cool! and gets cooler as we get older ;p ... is that a picture your set?

  3. Lego is wonderful - until you step on a piece in the dark on your way to the loo. I think your creative side was showing through back when you were small. To still love it is a gift. How nice for your son that you willingly sit on the floor and get into it as much as him.

  4. spooky - just bought almost the same as this for Dylan this morning

  5. Can we guess what you are asking Santa for this year?


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