Sunday, 27 December 2009

Lazy days...

I'm having a lazy day. My son is with his Dad. I stayed in bed for 12 hours last night and slept for around 10. Later I'm hitting the movies with my boyfriend to watch what looks like the wildest Sherlock Holmes adventure, a long way removed from the smooth unruffled detective we are normally given. Rupert Everett's opium-addled portrayal will take some beating though - have a quick look. (Warning: this clip shows Holmes injecting himself with heroin, don't watch if you don't like).

For something a little more light-hearted though you can't beat a bit of Ant & Dec with their old mate Robbie.

This is a very indulgent posting - I'm letting the talents of others do all the work. Where is my creative spark? I think it may be clogged in an over-loaded digestive system competing for attention among all the chocolate, cakes and other naughties. I can't seem to move. I'm beset by a fug of laziness. Or maybe I just need a rest?


  1. Oh my, I can relate to the food/digestive situation, that's for sure! I hope you enjoy a wonderful time at the movies and let us know how you liked it.

  2. Lazy days are good and often very necessary--especially during a season of delicious desserts:) I hope you enjoyed your day:)

  3. I've grazed steady now for 4 days. It's rediculous! :) My pants are so tight!
    Thanks for the fun video! It was great!
    Happy New Year to you!!

  4. All my pants are tight, i think I gained all the much hyped 5-7 pounds that the say you can gain during the holiday.


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