Thursday, 17 December 2009

The office Christmas party...

It was wild... I've only just woken up and it appears to be getting dark again already. There's nothing like the office party to get you in the mood for Christmas. It's that time of the year when inhibitions are loossened by cheap wine, crisps are trod in the carpet leaving a faint aroma of cheese & onion throughout January and naughty bottoms are photocopied.

Fancy dress is usually the order of the day for me. Past festivities have seen me disguised as Dolly Parton, a lush has-been actress (personally I think my performance here was Oscar-worthy!), a hairy pirate and even Darth Vader. After it took me a week to wash off the 'eye-liner pirate leg hair' I decided enough was enough. This year was all about the glamour. After all, when you are the Company Director you have to set some standards.

Dress therefore by Dior, diamonds naturally Tiffany's, make up Bobbi Brown (in person), escort... (well, that would be telling!).
OK you got me. The more observant among you may recall I work for myself. The company consists of me, a desk a computer and a printer. I've discovered that furniture and electronics make poor party companions. Mix that with the fact I can't hold my drink any more, am not particularly fond of cheese and onion crisps and we have a rather dull cocktail dear readers - more of a Canvey Island Iced Tea than the Big Apple version.

So, no wild office party this year. Bottoms were held securely in undies and pain killers not required.

Oh well.... this time next year....

PS - Yes, I am silly enough to have specially mocked up that photo up top just for this post!


  1. Enjoyed your fun post- my husband's office party is tomorrow- I'm bracing myself... Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  2. I missed ours this year - not that I'm especially sad about it.

    Rather have the cheese and onion crisps I think.

  3. hahaha...I busted out laughing at you. Cute! Say...I'd come over for an office party, just so you can say you had one! :D tee hee

  4. well well :))i never would have guessed!! hahaha :)) the image is a beauty tho ... love the subtle glimmer of it all ... ah! office parties are for office people ... let's do an artists party instead!! `o^

    and about the pressure is on for this week's challenge ... i think i'll probably have to surrender this week too ... have been sleeping like 5 hours for the past few days rushing orders ... maybe i should just submit me hiding underneath my bedcovers!!!

  5. You're adorable! I think we should have our own bloggy office party next year, lol!


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